The Rancher's Unexpected Nanny by Mary Sue Jackson

This is dramatic, amusing and interesting. Finn is a single dad rancher. Wendy is his daughter. Callie is Wendy's teacher. When Callie suggests that Finn get a nanny, he hires her. She never gets a chance to say no, so she just goes home, to find that she wouldn't have a home for long. She takes the nanny job so that she doesn't have to live with her parents. His daughter, and his dead wife's mother conspire to get them together. They do fall in love, but Callie's dream, teaching in New York, and Finn's dream of rejoining the rodeo, make a relationship hard. I'm not a fan of what they did next, Callie should have said no, but in the end everything works out like it should.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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