Must Love Magic by Erica Ridley

This is romantic, suspenseful and hilarious. Trevor is an anthropologist who is a professor at a college. He took a group of kids to a dig in Costa Rica hoping to find something spectacular. Daisy is an inept fairy, currently trying to become a tooth fairy, which is almost impossible because she can't do magic, at least not without a scientifically engineered wand. Daisy gets sent to retrieve the tooth of Angus, age 8, in Trevor's tent. They argue, because he obviously isn't 8, and his name isn't Angus. To make her go away, because he thinks she's crazy, he gives her a rock and tells her that the tooth is inside of it. So she goes back to Nether-Netherland and turns it in. Then gets arrested for trying to pass a rock off as a tooth. She's sent back to get the real tooth, and ends up using a Himalayan Lust Charm on Trevor, which makes then rip off their clothes and have wild sex in his office. Afterwards she steals every tooth in his lab, figuring that one of the

Love At The Hose Party b Kasey Stockton

This is romantic, entertaining and sweet. Lord Stallsbury is charming, flirty and cheeky. Mrs. Wheeler is determined, impulsive and insecure. After coming out of mourning for her husband, Mrs. Wheeler is determined to get herself and her sister out of their brother's home. She is contacted by a gentleman, who courted her years earlier, but never got further because of the deaths of her parents. She figures that Mr. Bancroft is her best chance at a decent marriage, which means her sister would be able to make a good match, so she agrees to go to the house party he invited her to. Lord Stallsbury is there to check out a guest that he is considering for marriage. One night very late, Mrs. Wheeler goes to the library to find a book to read, but ends up in Mr. Bancroft's study, which was already occupied by Lord Stallsbury. They end up talking for a while before she goes back to her room. The next night they repeat it, then every night. There's a bet made, unexpected guests, an

Bradley's Bride by Kathleen Lawless

This is an intense, gripping and suspenseful. Amanda is a strong, independent woman and has been half in love with Bradley for a while, but after a couple of dances one night, he completely shut her out. Bradley is a stubborn, insecure and impulsive man who wants to be loved, but thinks that nobody ever would. When Amanda's house gets broken into, the guys and Laura ganged up on her and convinced her to move to their ranch. Bradley's and Amanda's attraction heats up with them being close in proximity, to the point that they get caught kissing in a lake. Bradley had to be convinced to do the right thing, but he did propose. Amanda doesn't want to marry Bradley, because he'd never return her feelings. Hawkes comes to cause trouble again, which has Amanda blaming herself for the trouble, and determined to break from Bradley. Bradley's story, not knowing who his parents were, and what happened later as a child is tragic and surprising. I received a complimentary co

Wrangling His Best Friend's Sister by Leslie North

This is an amusing, romantic and emotional story. Ava moved back home after first losing her husband, and then her job. She needs out of her parents house, and working for her brother's best friend on his ranch would solve that problem. Bran isn't keen to hire her, she's a woman and the mother of a toddler, but he is sympathetic, so he finally agrees and moves Ava and her son, Cam, onto the ranch, and into his house. Ava always had a crush on Bran but there was never anything between them, and now she sees a strong and sexy cowboy. Bran can't stop thinking about how hot Ava grew up to be, and he drives himself crazy by wanting her, but needing to keep his hands off his best friend's little sister, the one he swore to never touch. Unfortunately for Bran, the chemistry between the two of them is irresistible, and they give in to it. But Bran feels guilty. Ava was also looking into some money of his that is missing, and he doesn't like the way Ava scolds him for th

Bleak Nights by Jenna Van Burke

This is a gripping and thrilling story. Antti is home looking for his brother after being apart for 9 years when he meets Brooke. Brooke is in Finland looking to get herself pregnant by a man she'll never see again, and won't know about the baby. I spent the first half of the book very confused, I did not read the first two books. But that made it more intriguing. Antti and Brooke end up falling in love and rethinking the future, but both have secrets that could destroy their future. There is also a killer on the hunt for revenge. I couldn't put this down, both parts of the storyline were fascinating. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

Highlander Fallen by Rebecca Preston

This is more of an adventure story than a romantic one. Karin, an assistant lab technician at the CDC, has a car accident on her way home from work on a day she had a fight with her ex, and when she comes to she finds herself in Scotland, in the 15th century. The man who finds her was married to a woman who looked exactly like her, and was scientific like her. William decided to become a priest after losing his wife and child, but had recently had a change of heart and come home. There are others that came from the future at the castle, each replacing a relative, and marrying their spouse. Karin isn't interested in replacing William's wife, so she tries to avoid him. One day she was out riding and found that the local village is closed because too many of the people were sick, so she throws herself into discovering what is causing the illness, and what she can do to help. William happens to be an alchemist so he also is tryin to help, which has them working together to find a s

Point Blank Range by Em Petrova

This is steaming hot, thrilling and romantic. Linc and Nealy meet when she is sent to interview him about the details of his captivity after he escapes from the people of Operation X and then gets rescued by his Ranger Ops team. Nealy's determined to get him to remember everything that happened, even though he keeps telling her that he can't. After he's released from the hospital and reports for his next assignment he finds that it's to be a joint effort with the ATF, and that Nealy is the ATF agent he'll be working with. Their bickering turns out to be foreplay, and as soon as they're stuck on an elevator they have sex. But they still hate each other, until Linc has a bad period and calls Nealy. Linc turns all macho, arrogant man when it's time for Nealy to accompany Ranger Ops on it's mission, and risks her job by treating her like a woman, instead of an agent. A few twists to the story are shocking and sweet. This book had more sexy times than other O