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Here For You by J.P Oliver

This is sweet, steamy, intense and dramatic. Jamie is patient, gentle, determined and protective. Beck is timid, strong, vulnerable and brave. When Jamie comes to town for a visit, he meets Beck in a disturbing encounter, and his "I need to help" gene explodes. He comes to the Sit and Sip a few times and casualty says hello to Beck each time.-he attraction he feels is more than the typical want to help, it's intense. Beck is drawn to Jamie too, but he's also a little afraid of him. Beck was abused by his uncle for years, to the point where he only felt safe if he was hiding from people, until Jamie walked in. Jamie made him feel afraid, safe and tingly. Jamie slowly draws him out and boosts his confidence. But just when things were getting really good, the past comes back to haunt them both. It's a beautiful story. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksprout. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

The Wayward Bride by Anna Bradley

This is romantic, amusing, heartwarming and entertaining. There's not just two people in love in this storyline, there are five. Hugh and Isla were not officially courting, but they fell in love as they danced and talked at balls, getting to know one another. Isla and Sydney are close friends. One night at a ball Isla requests that Sydney go with her to the library. The purpose was to catch a cheater in the act, but what happened was Isla got accused of luring Sydney there to force him into marrying her, he was accused of compromising her. As they left they began to hear the rumors, so when Hugh asks Sidney how Isla is, Sidney tells him that it was no longer his concern. When Isla writes to Hugh and asks him to let her explain, he tells her not to contact him anymore. So she agrees to the betrothal to Sydney. One day Isla gets lost during a storm and Hugh finds her. They end up having it out while she's stuck at his estate. The same day Sidney has a bad carriage accident, and m

Check My Heart by Christi Barth

Keep the tissues handy for this one. Kurt is kind, caring, charming, determined and cocky. And brokenhearted after losing his little brother to cancer. Lisette is strong, caring, generous and vulnerable. She was the hospice nurse for Kurt's brother Jasper. And they are both witty and snarky. Almost a year after Jasper passes, Kurt runs into Lisette where his team plays. She's there to interview for her first job in her new specialty, having left her hospice career. The first thing that Kurt thinks about when he runs into her, after a quick fantasy of kissing her, is that he needs help to plan a party, something she had done with Jasper, so he told his coach not to hire her, so that he could. Both are intensely attracted the other, but both realize that Jasper will always be between them. As they plan the party they get close, then physical, neither daring to hope for a future. I cried, I laughed, I cried again. It's a sweet, romantic and heartbreaking story that grabs you a

The Enforcer by Heather C. Myers

This is hot, intense and suspenseful. Joaquin wants his best friend's daughter, but knows it can't be so he just fantasizes about her. Kenna has the hits for Joaquin, and she decides that it's time to act on it. She knows he watches her, and knows he wants her too, and she has the perfect way to get him. And poor Joaquin has no chance against her. It's very entertaining. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksprout. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

The Captain by Heather C. Myers

This is steamy and sweet. Brad is dominant and unemotional, until he gets home with Richelle, then, unintentionally, he starts thinking about how Richelle feels. Richelle is smart, studious and caring, she only auctioned herself because she needed money to pay for her mother's medical treatments. Brad usually uses a madame to get his season girl, but his got busted. He ended up at the auction as a way to get a temp girl, then, when it was announced that Richelle was a virgin he decided that no matter how much it cost, he would have her. He didn't expect her to be any different than any other girl of his, and she wasn't, until he took her virginity. Then he found himself being gentle and caring about her feelings and wondering what she was hiding. She found herself falling in love, despite the knowledge that he had bought her and was using her. Because he was the opposite if what he said he would be. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksprout. This is my h

Fortune's Gamble by Diana Bold

This is an intriguing, entertaining, amusing and sweet. Christian is impulsive, caring, protective, uncertain and very likable. Rebecca is bold, hopeful, naive and intelligent. Christian is a bastard who's father never acknowledged nor supported. Andrew is his half-brother, and legal heir. When Christian sees his brother fall in battle he decides to switch identities knowing that he could get better medical attention as Andrew. Then he goes home and decides to try to keep being Andrew. His uncle, who is Andrew's butler, helps him with social expectations and advice. Neither knew that Andrew was betrothed, until she demanded to see him. Shocked that there was someone who knew Andrew so well, Christian rethought his position. But when she doesn't immediately call him out as an imposter, they go forward with the charade. Rebecca knows that something is different about Andrew, but thinks that the war changed him. It goes well until there are a couple of unforseen twists. I love

The Cowboy's Surprise Nanny by Leslie North

This is a fun, romantic and sweet story. Ian is stubborn, quick to judge, bold and unforgiving. Katie is outgoing, caring, generous and daring. Hired to be Ian's housekeeper/ nanny because Ian owed her uncle a favor, and Katie was in a bit of trouble, Katie falls in love with his kitchen and immediately starts baking. It turns out that Ian's son, Andy, happens to love baking too, and starts helping her with the cooking from the first meal. Ian wasn't happy with what he found out about Katie, but because of Andy, gives her a chance. Things get personal when Katie discovers him showering outside, but go south when Andy has a medical emergency. Pushing her to sell actual product instead of recipes, Katie finally does, and gains some confidence back. But with her confidence, and an offer, she goes back to what Ian considers bad habits. She is carefree light to his dark unhappiness. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksprout. This is my honest and voluntary op

Worth The Wait by Peter Styles

This is intense, entertaining and sweet. Wyatt is a stubborn and independent single father who has dedicated the last twelve years to his daughter and his business. Vance is a caring and heartbroken teacher. Wyatt met Vance right after his wife died, and at 19 Vance was almost a second parent. Then it was more than platonic, and Vance fell in love, only to have Wyatt ghost him. He didn't know why, and Wyatt wouldn't talk to him. Now it's 12 years later and Vance has Wyatt's daughter in his class. Forced to interact with Vance, Wyatt has to face his feelings about him, while trying to decide if he's ready to have people know about the two of them. The end of the book is the perfect ending. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksprout. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

Guarding The Countess by Lily Reynard

This is a gripping story of love, betrayal, intrigue and drama. Kit is a charming, chivalrous, brave and caring mercenary who is down on his luck after his wife dies and he is injured to badly to continue his profession. Taking his daughter back to where he was born to reside with his mother was his plan, but when he arrived at his mother's cottage he was informed of her death. Now, even more desperate, he turns to his only other relatives, the Earl of Thornsby, brother by blood but not acknowledged. Thornsby, unfortunately, has his own money troubles that he is trying to fix by a marrying young, rich widow, the Dowager Countess of Cranbourne. Antonia is a virtuous, pious lady who doesn't wish to remarry and become the property of another man, and also lose the wealth and independence her deceased husband gave her. Thornsby offers to pay Kit now and provide a dowry for his daughter if he kidnaps Antonia so that Thornsby can force her into marriage. Desperate, Kit agrees and lea

Devilishly Sinful Rogues by Multi Authors

This box set is filled with romance, drama and entertainment. Very strong and independent women against bold and determined men. The storylines are all interesting and suspenseful. The characters are likable and charming. But my favorite was Scandalous Redemption. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksprout. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

All For You by J.P. Oliver

This is a gripping tear-jerker that will make you cry, laugh and smile. Corey is warm, caring, gentle, patient and romantic. Jay is fragile, vulnerable, brave and strong. A few weeks after Ace rescues him from the street, Jay agrees to leave the house for the first time and they meet Ryder and Ty. Corey is also there when they walk in. Corey looked over and was snagged in Jay's eyes, while Jay was snagged in his. Corey could see the fear and hollowness in Jay's eyes and even though he was incredibly attracted to him, knew he needed support, not a romantic relationship. Jay couldn't stop peeking at Corey, even though he made Jay nervous, because he thought that Corey was the most attractive man he had ever seen, and that scared him. With lots of support and friendship Jay came out of the dark, and he and Corey grew close. His story is traumatic and sad, and so is Corey's, just not in the same way. Corey and Jay are an adorable couple. I received a complimentary copy of

Foolish Games by Heather C. Myers

⭐⭐⭐⭐ This is interesting, amusing and dramatic. Norman is cocky, snide, troubled and jack*ss movie star. Abby is outgoing, caring, stubborn and insecure. When Abby shows up at her job cleaning a house she expects the house to be empty, but it's not, there's a man in the bathroom she goes into taking a bath. They accuse each other of trespassing and demand the other get out, then they finally figure out that they both belong there. Norman is amazed because Abby just stood in the bathroom arguing with him, she was not fazed by who he was, or even that he was naked. Abby loved him as an actor, thought he was good looking and all, but wasn't gaga over him. And then she decidedly disliked him when he opened his mouth. Never the less, she finds herself drawn to him, even though she has a boyfriend, and he's engaged. Norman is drawn to her too, she's vivacious, she's naturally beautiful and she doesn't think that he's anything special. They fall in love with e

The Beast's Bride by Jayne Castel

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This is a riveting, dramatic, entertaining and romantic. Taran is kind, stubborn, tough and a little naive. Rhona is feisty, determined, protective and brave. Her father gets angry because she keeps telling suitors no, then he catches her and Taran practicing self-defense moves and loses it. He decides that there will be a competition for her hand. Shocked and hurt, she runs away. Her father sends Taran after her and she tries to talk him into either letting her go, or going with her, but he says no. Come the day of competition Rhona is angry and hurt to find Taran participating. Unbeknownst to her Taran has been in love with her for years, but he knew he didn't have a chance with her because of his scarred face, and he can't bear to see her given to a man who would kill her spirit. A marriage full of trust issues and misunderstandings follows. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksprout. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

Shattered by Shirleen Davies

This is an action packed, suspenseful, dramatic and romantic story. Rock is a interesting guy, he's sweet, considerate, protective and caring. But he, and also Ghost, refuse to see into their own hearts, completely oblivious, while giving each other the same advice. Tess is determined, strong and confused. She cut him out of her life before she had her baby because of his ties to the MC and their illegal activities. Two years later she runs into him at the McCord ranch and agrees to have dinner with him, both thinking that the friendship they had originally could begin again. Until she opened the door for him in her tank top and shorts that she slept in. He couldn't stop himself after that and took it to the next level, and they became friends with benefits. They each tried to be casual, but Tess kept being targeted, and Rock kept insisting on protecting her, then she'd try to distance herself, repeat. There are so many twists to the storyline that every time you think you

Steadfast by Shirleen Davies

This is an intense, thrilling, dramatic, suspenseful and romantic story. I don't suggest starting it right before bed. It's way past bedtime, but I'm starting on book 2 when I'm done with this. Wrath is bold, tough, determined, fierce and dedicated. Cara is strong, independent, stubborn, vulnerable and sweet. When Wrath sees Cara in a bar he is instantly intrigued by and drawing to her. Cara doesn't feel the same and walks away from him and leaves. Wrath goes outside to watch her leave, and hears a motorcycle. That's like adding catnip to a cat's favorite toy for him, so he follows her. He finds her up the street with her bike on the ground, she's okay, but not her bike. He calls his buddies to come get it and tells her that he's bringing her home. This doesn't fly with her because her dead, cheating husband liked to order her around. But she ends up going with him, and before he leaves he tells her that he'll be back the next night at 7 to p

Save The Date by Heather C. Myers

This is romantic, amusing and sweet. Dixon is tough, unemotional and brutal in the beginning, but as time goes on he becomes charming, amusing, relaxed and cheeky. Hired as a bodyguard for his boss's daughter, Dixon agrees to a fake engagement so that he can be with her all the time. Gemma is smart, optimistic and a bit flakey, and she doesn't like Dixon. She's tired of him following her, so when her father suggests the fake engagement, she's not happy. And proceeds to let Dixon know this every time she's forced to be in his company. Dixon thinks that she's a spoiled, airhead rich girl. The more time they spend together, and get to know each other, the more they like each other. Danger visits Gemma, and makes her rely on Dixon and makes Dixon see her in a different light. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksprout. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

Worth Remembering by Peter Styles

This is steamy, entertaining and amusing. James is tough, stubborn, unforgiving, grumpy and impulsive. Sawyer is insecure, cheeky and stubborn. Sawyer and  James had a relationship years ago, one that ended because of an accusation of cheating without the benefit of doubt. James was still angry because not only did Sawyer believe a lie, he didn't even give James a chance to explain. Sawyer was irritated and confused because James acted like the injured party when he was the one who supposedly cheated. Both independently decide to get back to living by going to a masquerade party at a BDSM club. One that James went to frequently before he met Sawyer. When Sawyer walks around the place and he stops at the stage to watch the guys do their thing. When James turns to look at the audience a minute later his eyes lock on Sawyer's, and each feels pulled to the other. And so begins an anonymous relationship between the two. But the more time they spend together, the more each thinks abo

To Marry A Marauder by Heather C. Myers

This is dramatic, suspenseful, interesting and entertaining. Charlie is honorable, bold, daring and flirty. Brooke is naive, strong, brave and impulsive. Charlie is only a pirate because he refused to transport slaves. He has been planning his revenge on the man who turned him into a pirate. Brooke is the daughter of the man Charlie last did business with, she was 10 and they connected because of a painting. When Charlie goes back 10 years later, it's to rob him, but he became intrigued by the full grown version of the child he remembered. The next time they see each other he's saving her from the attack on her town. They become friends and allies, and each must survive a series of unfortunate events. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksprout. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

Summertime & Trade Deadlines by Heather C. Myers

This is interesting, dramatic and romantic. Tom is a party boy who has lived in his brothers shadow his whole career. He's a nice guy who has been repeatedly told that he's a screw-up by his brother, Michael. Rory is Michael's PA, who he treats like crap. She's efficient, responsible and cheeky. Tom and Michael are looking at teams to see who they want to sign with, Rory is responsible for the logistics, and anything else Michael decides she'll do. Tom decides that the Gulls are the team he wants to play for, but he can't get Michael's opinion on it. Michael is all gung ho to go to Arizona, and while he's busy doing that behind Tom's back, Tom and Rory are getting better acquainted, and realizing just how much of an arrogant jerk Michael is. Change is on the horizon for everyone. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksprout. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

One Night For Seduction by Erica Ridley

This is highly entertaining, romantic and interesting. Cole is impulsive, cocky, bold, charming, full of energy and can't turn down a bet. Diana is stubborn, passionate, daring and bold. Diana is considered unmarriageable by her cousin because she refuses to dress in fashion, interact with society or consider any man for her husband. Diana's cousin is lamenting this in Wicked Duke, a club owned by the Dukes of Colehaven and Everleigh, when he suggests a wager to Cole, 300 pounds to get her married by the end of the season. He can't tempt other men by dancing attendance on here, and he can't be the one to marry her. Cole of course takes the bet. Then finds it's not only not as easy as he thought, he might also like her himself. They bicker and fight, even getting into each other's faces, while he tries to get her noticed, and she hides against a wall. She won't get married and lose her freedom, she has an important job to do, she has to make sure that people

Trainwrecks & Back Checks by Heather C. Myers

This is intense, dramatic, suspenseful and romantic. Art is tough, determined, unsure and unknowingly romantic. Chloe is brave, vulnerable, stubborn and a survivor. Chloe ran from an abusive man 3 years before and thought that she was rid of him. Until she came home one day to find roses all over her porch. Art happened to see how she reacted and was concerned. The next day, when she got to work, she found more roses at her desk. Nervous about her ex finding her, she went home. Art knew she shouldn't be home, and he went to check on her. He found her a mess, and didn't feel right just walking away. While they were dancing around the issue the ex showed up at her door and began to try intimidating her. She told him to give away, and he laughed, then starting to threaten her. When Art finally decided that he'd heard enough he opened the door, and after a few minutes told the ex that he was with Chloe. After the ex left Art asked her to pretend to be with him so he could prote

Worth Dying For by Peter Styles

This is steamy, romantic and sweet. Oliver just wants to move on from having been released from prison, so he opts out of suing the state for his wrongful conviction in favor of work. He gets a job from Nico's friend Quinn, being a handyman on his ranch. Quinn couldn't really afford to hire Oliver, but wanted to help him out. Especially after he saw how hot Uncle Ollie was. At the end of the first day Quinn is helping Oliver stretch his sore legs out when he decides to see how far he can go before Oliver stops him. Afterwards Oliver has to decide if he is into men, because the one time he kissed a boy when he was a kid, he was shown how wrong it was by his foster father. And even though times and attitudes have changed, Oliver never thought about another man. Meanwhile Quinn I dealing with a sick mother and a failing ranch. Oliver is a solid guy with a big heart. Quinn is a bit juvenile, but he's a decent kid. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksprout. T

Highlander's Courage by Joanne Wadsworth

This is interesting, romantic and suspenseful. Liam is determined, protective and amusing. Cairstine is stubborn, impulsive and feisty. Liam and Cairstine find themselves being drawn together often, an easy friendship formed quickly. When they are called to Murdock's solar they are told of 2 visions that he had. The first told of their being mated to each other. The second told of Cairstine's capture by their enemy, Colin MacKenzie. Liam demanded they join, but not knowing what the future held for her, Cairstine denied him. One day they were out and realized that they weren't going to make it back to the keep before the sun, which Cairstine needed to avoid so as not to burn up. She had to burrow underground and wait until nightfall. She worried that she might get so hungry that she turned into a Bloodthirsty, a killer who fed on the blood of innocents. From that point on it was a fight for life for her, and a frustrating battle for him. I received a complimentary copy of t

Once Upon A Rake by Samantha Holt

This is steamy, romantic and entertaining. Lucian was an ill mannered, cocky, cold and irresponsible rake until the day he was scarred by fire. After that he became obsessed with building up his other factory, and he became generous and caring. He also withdrew from society thinking himself a hideous monster. Ellie was a girl that he knew his whole life and thought of as an irritating pest, until the day he told her she was ugly and awkward, then kissed her. They were caught by her father, who refused to allow a marriage between them. Instead he married her to an old man. When her husband dies seven years later she inherits shares of Lucian's factory, and decides that she wants to be involved with the running of it. When Lucian ignoring her doesn't make her go away, he tries to run her off with cruel words. When that doesn't work he tries to seduce her, and gets caught up in her. But getting rid of her is no easy feat, because she is no longer the awkward, ugly girl that sh

Wicked Wager by Beverley Oakley

This is intriguing, suspenseful, unpredictable and entertaining. Perry is a bored, impulsive and uncaring rake who can't resist a wager. Celeste is an vulnerable, innocent, broken and naive woman who is being used by her fiancé. After Perry accepts a wager from his lady friend to expose the woman who destroyed his sister's life, he's not so certain she is guilty of anything. Celeste is ordered by her fiancé to get information and a necklace from Perry, because his friend, who is in danger, needs them. A game of cat and mouse begins, but no one who is the cat and who is the mouse, because there are too many players in the game. It's a storyline that captures your attention immediately, and keeps it until the very end. Add it to your TBR list. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Candid Book Reviews. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

6-Pack Wrangler by Em Petrova

This is steamy, sweet, romantic and interesting. Wheeler is strong, sexy and charming. Aria is impulsive, easily lead and caring. When Aria runs from her surprise wedding she ends up on Wheeler's barn. Wheeler tells her that she's welcome to stay, before knowing anything about her. They get attached quickly, but neither thinks that the relationship will last for mote than a few days. But Aria realizes that what Wheeler has is what she wants, but she doesn't know if she has the guts to take what she wants for once. They are a wonderfully romantic and sweet couple and the storyline is exciting. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksprout. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

Made For You by J.P. Oliver

This is steamy, intense, dramatic and suspenseful. Eli is hard, unemotional, determined and protective. Ty is broken, vulnerable, strong and brave. After having been abused for 10 years, and almost beaten to death, Ty escapes and heads to his hometown. Eli is a detective on the force there and gets the call when Ty is found lying on the side of the road unconscious. They were best friends growing up, and they were each other's secret first loves. They have a chance to be together now. If Ty can heal from the trauma he endured. And if Eli can keep him safe from his abuser. It's a hard subject to read about, but it turns out to be a very heartwarming story. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksprout. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

Matchmaking The Billionaire by Leslie North

This is steamy, entertaining and sweet. Nick is determined, charming, amusing and caring. Haley is stubborn, vulnerable and cheeky. He's been her boss for the last year, and both have been fighting the attraction between them. Her because she's been burned once already by a player rich guy. Him because it's unethical because he's her boss. While helping her tweak an app that she'd been working on for a few years, a matchmaking app, they start getting close, then end up in bed. Haley refuses to have anything personal to do with him after that and does her best to find him the perfect match through her app. No matter how often he tells her that he only wants her. How he treats her daughter is super sweet. It's the fall of bachelor friend number two, and I can't wait to read about number 3. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksprout. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

Worth The Trouble by Peter Styles

This is sweet, romantic, amusing and intense. Tristan and Upton meet after their kids become friends, and Tristan is late picking his son up from school. Because Carter, Upton's son, had not had a friend before, Upton offered to watch Barney, Tristan's son, after school every day. As they get to know each other they begin to be attracted to each other. But there's a secret Tristan is keeping from Upton, one that he knows will make Upton hate him. These guys are so cute and sweet together, and the kids are adorable. I love this series, all the characters and the storylines are interesting and entertaining. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksprout. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

The Perfect Plan by Alyssa Drake

This is a gripping, intriguing, entertaining and romantic story. Samantha is a very unique young lady, she curses, prefers to be barefoot, has no problem telling people off and rebels against all of society's rules. She's in London to play chaperone to her brother's widow, Wilhelmina, who has decided to look for another husband. Wilhelmina is a b**ch who likes to control Sam. Benjamin is Sam's brother Edward's best friend, and the one he entrusted to be guardian to her. They hadn't seen each other in 10 years, and neither was prepared for the attraction between them. Benjamin just wanted to marry her off and be done with his obligation, until her life is in danger and he thinks about never seeing her again. Not is all as it seems though, there are surprising twists and shocking revelations. The suspense builds towards an exciting climax, until the sudden epilogue ends the book. It's a great book up to that point, with amusing and likable characters, but the

Positives & Penalties by Heather C. Myers

This is dramatic, romantic and interesting. Kyle is patient, sweet and romantic. Emma is insecure, stubborn and vulnerable. They've been dating for 2 years yet they don't know much about each other, because they don't talk about all of the important things in life. Emma doesn't let Kyle get too close, because she knows that he'll leave some day. Kyle has known for over a year that she's the one, but won't push Emma for a more committed relationship thinking she'll run rather than move forward. When Emma finds that she's pregnant, it makes her face her fear of Kyle abandoning her, and also whether she can forgive her mother for abandoning her. It's an interesting storyline. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksprout. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

Worth A Thousand Words by Peter Styles

This is interesting, sweet and romantic. Noah is a composer who suffers from agoraphobia. He's hesitant, stubborn and sarcastic. Parker is a deaf artist. He's cheeky, determined, caring and optimistic. After spending a couple of weeks pretending to not be staring at each other through their windows, Parker finally goes over and introduces himself. They start spending time together, getting to know each other, and growing closer, until they finally end up in bed. Being an inspiration to the other helps the relationship bloom quickly. Soon Parker gets Noah to try getting out of the house, and Noah is determined to do it so that he can't go to Parker's first gallery showing. They have ups and downs, they create and they fall in love. It's a wonderful, heartwarming story. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksprout. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.