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Becoming Lady Dalton by Carrie Lomax

This is interesting and romantic. Lord Dalton knew that he wanted Viola from their first meeting. Viola wanted nothing to do with any man, especially a man years younger than her. She was absent from London for a while, seeing to her sister's wedding, but as sound as she came back, he pursued her again. She did end up falling in love, but still refused to marry him, instead she pushed him to court another lady. The twists that occur throughout the story make for a harsh reality check for both, but he is sweetly determined to have her as his wife, and she is equally determined to not be. I loved his loyalty and his attitude, and in the end it took a lot of patience to win a too stubborn lady. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

Naughty Scot by Frankie Love

This is a sweet, entertaining and steamy story. Kier is a loner type of guy who has just gotten custody of his deceased sister's son. Elsie is the nanny he hired for at least 3 months. Kier is shocked and unprepared for his body's reaction to Elsie, because he's still a virgin waiting for marriage. But he wants her so badly he has to stay away from her. Elsie is in the same position, she's a virgin who is saving herself for "the one", but Kier gets her hot and bothered every time she's around him. There's not a lot of tension between them, it's more of an explosion they have one night. But life is not smooth sailing for the 2 virgins, because of life, and a conscious. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

Troublesome Roommate by Chloe Grey

This is a brilliant story. The writing is not great, always using "my boyfriend" "my boss" etc. instead of Kevin's name gets to be a bit too much. What really makes this great, and keeps you turning the pages, is trying to figure out what Kevin is hiding. Kevin rents a room from an old schoolmate, who happens to also live with Kevin's new secretary. Kevin wants her immediately, and is so angry when she opens the door, he's rude to her, then ignores her. Once he finds out that she's single, he's determined to win her. Audrey is done with men, all they do is treat her like dirt or cheat on her. But she can't seem to resist Kevin. But Kevin is hiding things, but there's no hint as to what it is until the end, and it wasn't what I thought it was, not even close. It's a must add to your TBR list. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

Accidental Knight by Nicole Snow

This is very funny, suspenseful and steamy. Some of the descriptions will catch you off guard and you'll find yourself laughing out loud, because you can't help it. Bella is timid and naive, so when her grandfather left his company and ranch to her, he also left her a husband. Someone who could protect her from being bullied by her parents, and give her the confidence she needs to deal with the nasty people who will be after her. Drake is the husband she didn't know about, but soon become her shield and rock. He's tough, intense and determined. His help turns her into a strong, brave and cheeky woman. Their relationship has a lot of ups and downs, but they make a great couple. The prize for best character though goes to Edison. He's smart and funny with a sassy attitude. A fascinating storyline, along with the interesting characters, made this hard to put down. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of

Men In Uniform by Romeo Alexander

This is entertaining, sweet and sad. Simon is a cop in Higbee, the town everyone is flocking to to see the Northern Lights. He gets a complaint about a trespasser and go to deal with it. What he finds in one Elijah Trimble following the tracks the aliens left behind. Simon is a no nonsense, just the facts kind of guy, so he thinks that Elijah is mentally unstable. Back at the station he grills Elijah some more, then lets him go. Elijah tries to check into the motel, but it's booked, so he sits outs thinking, because he can't leave town, he's got no car, and he needs to be there when the alien ship with his parents on it shows up. On his way home from work, Simon sees Elijah sitting on the curb and pulls over. When he learns that Elijah has nowhere to go he invites him to his household. Simon is drawn to the strange young man, even though he thinks Elijah isn't all there. Elijah can't believe how nice the cop is being, not even his adoptive family are that nice to hi

To Seduce A Rogue by Tracy Sumner

This is a dramatic, romantic, amusing and intriguing story. Charlie a is stubborn, passionate, cheeky, smart and vulnerable hoyden who has worked at the paper her father was editor for for several years. Adam is the new determined, tough, protective, unemotional and broken editor the owner hired temporarily. When he first shows up, she's not interested in working with him, but she finally gives in and does. There's something drawing them together, but Adam is adamant that nothing will happen. Except, she is driving him crazy, and he is driving himself even crazier with want. They become friends, and more. She probably understands him better then he does, which scares him silly. They go back and forth between playing with fire and avoiding each other, while issues with the paper, it's owner and the town constantly interference. It's a little slow at times, but it's a great story. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Hidden Gems. This is my honest and vo

The Key In The Door by Blanche Dabney

This is an intriguing and interesting story. Jessica received a key and a flyer at her front door, the flyer was for an open house at a castle. Bored, broke and up for a change, she packs a suitcase and heads to Scotland. While she was being given a personal tour she was left alone, and decided to keep going When she found a locked door she tried her key, the door opened and she went through, and found herself being taken by two guards in armor. When confronted by a man who demanded to know how she got into the castle, she told him about the key and the door, he had her show him. When he took the key and unlocked the door, he shoved her through it and closed and locked I again. She found her on the outside of the castle, 20 feet up, with no way down. While she tried to get her up from the ledge she was hanging on, she ended up falling, right into the arms of a man. Eddard had seen her falling and ran to catch her. When he sees her face, the ideas of passing her off as the laird and lad

Strong For You by J.P. Oliver

This is an emotional tear-jerker, but also sweet and heartwarming. After Kai lost his wife during childbirth he fell into a deep depression. He was barely caring for his daughter, Maya, and didn't care about anything else. Kai's brother Wren finally talks him into visiting for a while, hoping that a change of scenery would help. One night Wren drags Kai out for dinner, they meet up with a couple of friends, one being Morgan. Kai's attraction to Morgan catches him completely off guard, not so much because he was a man, but because his wife had only been gone for a couple of months. Morgan is a psychologist and also owns and runs a daycare center. When the subject of what Kai was going to do with Maya when he went back to work, Morgan told him about his center. Kai enrolls Maya into the center, gets back to work and constantly thinks about Morgan. They do eventually start dating, but then Maya's grandparents cause trouble. Between what Kai goes through, the grandparents a

Lord if The North Wind by Jayne Castel

This is an intriguing, suspenseful and gripping story. Flann is intense, honorable,  stubborn and strong. Osana is brave, resilient, vulnerable and timid. After Flann had his heart broken, he decides that he wants to become a monk, but the Prior wouldn't let him take the vows. Instead, he became a scriber, having his own hut to live in and more freedom than the monks. One day some men show up, and tell Flann that he's needed to rule Northumbria, and be known as King Aldfrith. He does his duty, with the usual troubles that any court has. Osana is wife to one of Aldfrith's ealdormen, she and Aldfrith were drawn to each other while she and her husband were visiting for Aldfrith's handfasting, but both ignore it. Two years later Osana's husband dies, and while paying his respects, he tells Osana that she would always be welcome to come to him if she needed protection. So when her former sister-in-law throws her out she goes to him. And the drama begins. The two of them

Love Comes For The Bodyguard by Savannah Adams

This is a sweet, suspenseful, romantic and amusing story. Tyler is a determined, protective, caring and sweet old school gentleman. Brianna is patient, stubborn, gentle and trusting. They've know each other for years, her big brother is Tyler's best friend, and she's had a crush on him since high school. They have worked together for three years, but never socialized outside of work. When Tyler sees Brianna acting funny while talking to a customer, he goes over to check on her and realizes that something is up. The next time the customer comes in Tyler keeps his eyes on him and intervenes when the customer looks threatening. He decides that he needs to watch over her, because he cares, and because his best friend threatened dire consequences if anything happened to his sister while he was gone. Spending time together sparks feelings that they don't want to deal with. He wants her, but she's off limits and he doesn't think that she feels the same way. She wants h

The Devil of Dashford Manor by Nadine Millard

This is sweet, romantic, dramatic and entertaining. Simon is an uncaring rake, until the night he meets Amelia. After that night he is no longer interested in doing any of the things he normally did. She fascinated him, and made him want to be a more deserving man. Amelia has bern told her whole life that her little sister is the pretty one, that she was too much of a bluestocking. So she turns her interest into going on a dig in Scotland, and the man she wants to go with is Simon's cousin, but she doesn't know that in the beginning. They meet when they both ended up in the library while at a ball, and he kissed her, then she kissed him. But it's the end of the season so she'll be going home soon, too soon for Simon. He decides to throw a house party and ball, with the pretense being that he wants to introduce her to his cousin. He's charismatic, romantic and amusing underneath the uncaring rake. Amelia is fascinated with Simon, and confused by him, because no one h

Drake Brothers Box Set by Casey Peeler

These are sweet and romantic short stories about four brothers. The characters are strong, interesting and likable. The storylines are romantic and entertaining. It's a wonderful series. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

Hot SEAL, Tijuana Nights by Cat Johnson

This is entertaining and romantic. Zach has treated Gabby badly because he heard something, then jumped to a conclusion that wasn't true. Gabby has been in love with Zach almost from the minute they met, but knows that nothing will come of it because he hates her. Zach's sister Amanda is Gabby's best friend, and when she's trying to start an interior designer career, Amanda hires Gabby to do it while he's deployed. Unfortunately Zach comes home much earlier than they thought he was, and catches Gabby living on his house. He gets mad and goes to meet his buddies, a few who have met Gabby. When the guys start describing her, Zach gets annoyed, because they are describing her as a hot, and he knows she is, he just won't admit it. One thing leads to another and Gabby and Zach end up in bed. She thinks it's a dream come true, he thinks of it as a fling. Hearts get hurt, crushes are admitted to, and the trip to Tiajauna starts the hot heavy. Once I started reading

Malady of The Heart by Emilee Harris

This is an interesting, entertaining and dramatic story. Gavin ended Mary have been best friends since childhood, and both ending up falling in love. Neither said anything because each of them were told in uncertain terms that a marriage between them would never be approved of. When Mary's oldest brother tells her that she is getting married, she tries running to Gavin. Meanwhile her twin talks Gavin into joining him onboard a ship as the doctor, which Gavin agrees to so that he doesn't have to see Mary with someone else. Mary enlists the help of a friend to get her to Gavin, but at the last second she bails, and tells Mary that it will be fine to go with just brother, Pembroke. Mary reluctantly goes, only to find her abandoned in a town in the opposite direction from where she should be. But Pembroke left behind a way for her to gain her independence, papers and clothing to disguise herself as a crew member on a ship. She absolutely did not want to marry, and she did know her

The Fire You Hold by Ciana Stone

This is intense, suspenseful and sweet. We finally know about Naomie's secret past, and Russ is getting closer to giving in. Mace finds love, twice over, then suffers a shocking injury. Naomie helps Amber hide what she's doing while on vacation. Both Delaney and Edward are pressuring Kal to sell his land. There are more serious incidents of attack on Heritage grounds. Naomie invites some friends to help out with Kal's trial and to try to figure out why someone would want the land so badly. The next book should be informative and intriguing. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

The Cowboy Billionaire's Fake Relationship by Bethany Rose

This is intriguing, dramatic, entertaining and romantic. Ethan left the ranch that he grew up five years ago and swore he'd never go back. But when his Grampi died, there was no one else to take care of the funeral arrangements. When the lawyer read the will Ethan was stunned, he had to be engaged within 30 days or the ranch would go to his cousin, who just wanted to make money by selling off small parcels. Izzy came back after 10 years because she was abandoned and betrayed by her fiancé. When Ethan sees Izzy at the diner, he finds that the high school crush he had for her was still there. Izzy had also had a crush on Ethan in high school, but she was a nerd and he was the quarterback, so she never said anything. Now he wants a favor, be his pretend fiancè so that he can keep the ranch, in return he would help her out with the money she needed to care for her parents. But old crushes turned into new flames. They just needed to learn to trust in love, and each other. Throw in a jea

One Night of Scandal by Darcy Burke

This is intriguing, romantic and amusing. Jack is determined, protective, sweet and charming. Viola is brave, impulsive, bold, stubborn and carefree. Viola has been masquerading as a man, Tavistock, in order to write a column about men in their natural habitat, a.k.a. the Wicked Duke, for a women's magazine. One night she hears some interesting gossip that she wants to try to learn more about, so she decides to go to Brook's. Before she makes it inside, she's stopped by Mr. Jack Barrett, who it turns out, actually knows that Tavistock is a woman, and who she is. They discuss the reason she went to Brook's, and Jack decides to help her. The next night he runs into her as Viola, and really notices her for the first time. Working together quickly turns into attraction, but neither is willing to admit to it, even to themselves, because neither is looking to get married, her because she likes her freedom, him because he's not yet 35. Things start to get dangerous when Ja

At Close Range by Em Petrova

This is amusing, dramatic, suspenseful, steamy and romantic. Nash is stubborn, fierce, brave and sweet. Nevaeh is impulsive, sneaky, determined and caring. After participating​ in an arms bust, Nash gets selected to head a new OFFSUS team. His first mission is in Mexico, and while he's doing some reconnaissance he sees a man who looks like a person who has been missing for 10 years. He collects information, and the man’s hard drive, to find out why he stayed there after a hiking trip. Meanwhile, the man's sister, Nevaeh, heads down to Mexico to try to find more information so that she and her parents can get closure. The first thing Nash sees when he gets to the hostel where Victor was last seen, is Nevaeh asking questions. He grabs her and hauls her up to a room and tries to put her place. Nevaeh tells him off at first, but eventually gives in knowing that they are better able to find her brother. Sparks and lust fly between them, even though Nash tries to keep it business onl

Haunted by Shirleen Davies

This is suspenseful, dramatic, thrilling, heartbreaking and romantic. Ghost has a hard time letting people, especially women, get close to him. After he lost his fiancé, Ghost shut down emotionally, never letting anyone matter to him. Until he spent two incredible weeks with Dani. Unfortunately for Dani, Ghost freaked out when he realized that he cared about her, and he very coldly, ruthlessly and heartlessly threw her out. The next day he regretted it, but couldn't do anything about it because they never exchanged last names. A few months later he was injured in a mission and needed to recuperate. While still recovering, he went to a training facility to check it out. And who is introduced as one of his teachers? Dani. But she won't talk to him. He works on getting in her good graces so that he can apologize, but then they're forced to live together again when the facility is attacked. There is a lot of drama, misunderstandings, action, tears and fights in the storyline, a

The Highland Bride's Rescue by Anne Morrison

This is dramatic, entertaining, steamy, suspenseful and thrilling. Cora, the Laird of Clan McCrae, was kidnapped by her uncle and left on an island. He sees that she gets food, and that's it. For 3 years she was alone, and then she found Devon being played with by dolphins. She dragged him out of the ocean and took care of him. The next time her supplies were delivered they stole their boat and left. He promised to bring her to her clan, but he had a job to do first. Things heat up between them, even as they find trouble. Cora is strong, brave, resilient, caring and determined. Devon is honorable, stubborn, bold and caring. But he can also be a selfish b*stard. The storyline is intriguing and emotional, and I couldn't put the book down until I finished it. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

Highlander's Bride by Joanne Wadsworth

This is suspenseful, exciting and romantic. A new generation of evil has begun, Colin has groomed his youngest son, Jeremiah, to be just like him. Christina, now Kayla, has lived as a willing prisoner with Colin and his sons for 20 years, her parents lives, and the lives of the whole Fae village, held over her head. She has grown to be a kind, caring and protective woman, despite Colin. Two of her brothers, Coll and Duncan, are Fae kin, and have protected her from Colin and Jeremiah. They are now getting ready for a battle to free the Fae to live without threat. Kayla's chosen one, Ronan, was being held prisoner by her brothers, by Colin's order, when they found each other. Ronan was happy to have found her finally, only for Kayla to inform him that she would be marrying one of Colin's sons, instead of him, to protect her parents. Ronan was having none of that, and Cherub rescues him, he goes back for her. Meanwhile, Colin has told Jeremiah about Kayla's Fae blood, and

How To Train A Viscount by Bianca Blythe

This is romantic, amusing, dramatic and suspenseful. Adam is a simple assistant until his employer gets murdered, and Adam sees the man who did it. He knew if he stayed he would be killed too, so he took the papers he had on him, and the ticket to England he'd just bought for his employer, and got on the ship under the name George Randall, the new Viscount Tremont. Not anticipating taking the title permanently, he's shocked when he ends up at the Duke of Belmonte's home being introduced as Viscount Tremont. And to make matters worse, he's forced to go to a ball to introduce himself as the new Viscount Tremont. While there he meets a woman who seems to be a kindred spirit when she helps him escape when she notices that he's trying to escape out a window. Lady Isla had just realized that society women looked at her as a threat instead of a resigned spinster. So talking to a man she hadn't been introduced to really didn't bother her. And it still didn't bot

The Protective SEAL by Katie Knight

This is a gripping, suspenseful, romantic and thrilling story. While Jack was a SEAL, he went to Costa Rica and rescued Sam from her father's hired assassins. Sam needed rescuing because she had agreed to testify against her mafia boss father, who didn't appreciate that. Jack is tough, determined, caring and sweet. Sam is strong, brave, resilient and vulnerable. The night they met they ended up in bed, the next day she was in witness protection. 15 months later Jack finds her walking down a country road in his hometown, carrying a baby. Her father has been relentless in trying to kill her, Jack knows he needs to protect her until he can get her safely back under protection. It's bittersweet realizing that the baby is his, but that he can't be a part of her life. Neither Jack nor Sam ever got over the night the spent together, and they are even more drawn to each other now, but they know she has to disappear again. But first she has to survive in order to put her father

The Outlaw's Bride by Jayne Castel

This is a gripping, action packed, intense and dramatic story. Lachlann Fraser is cold, stubborn and unscrupulous. Adaira MacLeod is strong, brave, determined, naive, fierce and spunky. The clans have been feuding since Adaira's father stole Lachlann's stepmother from his father. Lachlann was being held prisoner in the MacLeod dungeon, with no hope of getting out. Until Adaira's father betrothed her to a monster, and she decided to run away. It was decided that Adaira and her brother-in-law would break Lachlann out so that he could escort Adaira to relatives on the main land. But Lachlann decided that it was more important to return home so that his brother couldn't usurp his place as heir. As soon as they arrived the Fraser locked Adaira up. Then he decided that as part of his revenge against the MacLeod he would marry Adaira. Lachlann refused to do anything to help her. Unfortunately, they both had developed feelings for each other, so while Adaira had her heart rippe

After The Storm by Summer Devon

This is intriguing, dramatic, suspenseful and entertaining. Jenks is kind, caring, charming and vulnerable. James is determined, chivalrous and unsure. One day while Jenks is boating he finds James on the shore, nearly drowned. He takes him home, gives him dry clothes then contacts James' wife. Jenks is aware of James in a way he's never been before. James wakes up later not knowing how he got there. Jenks is immediately convinced that someone tried to kill James, James isn't convinced. They get the police involved, but because Jenks is known as a sodomite, they think that James is making up the story to explain why he was found where he was. So they decide to do some detecting on their own. James is confused not only by what happened, but by the feelings that he feels whenever Jenks is around. So there's a killer on the loose, James is trying to come to terms with what he is and James' wife is begging for a more physical relationship with him. These unique characte

Jeopardy by Anna Markland

This is gripping, intense, suspenseful, romantic and sweet. Alex is an honorable, stubborn, caring and protective man who has never felt comfortable being who he is, the Comte de Montbryce. The distance between him and his father always made him feel like an outsider in his family, he felt that his father's absence at the time of his birth, and the years when Robert was recovering, was to blame. He had never married, believing himself unable to love. When Elayne showed up with the hostages he was given charge of, he was fascinated by her. Elayne is strong, brave, fierce and vulnerable. She confused him, being a servant but not exactly acting like a servant. He finds out why the night he asks her to be his mistress. But he's definitely not upset by her revelation, because he's already in love with her and her children, because they can marry, because she's not a servant. But because of who the children aren't, their lives are all in danger. As hostages of Maud, they

The Viscount's Heart by Joyce Alec

This is dramatic, suspenseful and romantic. The story is interesting, but it also unnecessarily repeats things. Wickton is unassuming, protective, chivalrous and impulsive. Davenport is pompous, rude, condescending and determined. Emily is timid, sweet, vulnerable, bold and brave. Emily had spent her seasons being a wallflower until Lord Davenport started calling on her. Wickton is Emily's best friends brother, and he promised his sister he would watch out for her. Only he didn't, he stayed at home after his sister's wedding and completely forgot about Emily. When the new season started he went back to London to check on Emily and immediately ran into her at the park, being escorted by Davenport. Which for some reason made him upset. Then he saw her at a ball, and while he spoke to her, it wasn't as warmly as it had been in the past. That confused her, he had always liked talking to her, but didn't seem interested anymore. Dealing with a future that consisted of eit

Getting Hot With The Scot by Melonie Johnson

This is steamy, entertaining, romantic and sexy. Logan is bold, cocky, cheeky, funny, determined and stubborn. Cassie is sweet, outgoing, impulsive, flirty and a romantic. While Cassie is on vacation with friends, she gets a little drunk and gets lost at Edinburgh Castle. When she asks for directions, she was direct to a hallway in front of her. As she's walking by a door, she hears a noise that sounds like moaning. Deciding to check it out, she goes into the room and finds Logan hidden behind a wall, wearing a kilt. At first she thinks that he's not real, and she wonders to herself, for one second, if he's a time traveler. But after touching him she realizes he's real, and proceeds to kiss him. When the kiss is over she finds that she's been pranked. And they want permission to post the video. She says no and walks away. He ends up following her, they end up in bed. She thinks that she finally got her vacation fling and leaves. He follows her to London, for two rea

Complimentary Opposites by Romeo Alexander

This is dramatic, entertaining and amusing. As kids Levi picked on Alexander constantly, because he was smart, had great parents and was a little snobbish. But he thought that he was cute, in a nerdy way. Alexander was snobby towards the kids who picked on him because it was his only way to retaliate. Especially against Levi, who for some reason he was attracted to, despite the horrible way he treated Alexander. It's ten years later and Alexander comes home to give a speech during the aurora borealis, only to find his parents acting like Levi is a part of the family. The two face off and throw accusations at each other, then later think about what was said. Both feel bad, both still have feelings for the other, but only one thinks that they're deserving of the other. It's a beautiful story of love and angst. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksprout. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

Return For You by J.P. Oliver

This is intense, dramatic, suspenseful and romantic. Nate is stubborn, sweet, caring and protective. Wren is determined, sweet and responsible. Sweethearts when they were teens, best friends before that, Wren and Nate lost contact with each other when Wren's parents found out he was gay and sent him away. With no chance to tell Nate what was happening, Wren left, breaking both his and Nate's hearts. Now, 20 years later, Wren finds himself at a new hospital, and he finished Nate there. Nate is still too angry to have anything to do with Wren, even letting him explain. And while his life is in turmoil over Wren, he's also dealing with being sexually harassed and threatened by his boss. Which gets worse when the boss figures out that there's something between Nate and Wren. What happened to Wren is sad, and the reason he couldn't find Nate the one time he came back is tragic. This series is full of angst, but it's so good. I love the storylines and the characters.

Shane's Deal by Ruth Ann Nordin

This starts off with a bang and just keeps going. It's sweet, romantic, amusing and heartwarming. Shane is the marshal in Lewistown, he's charismatic, caring, protective and generous. Madeline is the widow of a man who was killed, she's on the run because people were breaking into her house looking for something. She took all the money from the house, disguised herself as a man and left town. She's was just passing through Lewistown to get food when she gets shot. When Shane questions her about why she's there, she tells him the truth. He figures she is in danger and will be laid up for weeks in a town with too many men and not enough women, so he tells her that she's going to marry him so he can protect her. She agrees and they get married. The mayor of the town wasn't too happy that they married before anyone knew she was in town, and said that he'd make her a better husband. As Shane and Madeline get closer, the mayor gets more pushy with her. This is

The Cowboy's Rodeo Rival by Leslie North

This is entertaining and interesting. Nate is a cocky, selfish and unfeeling man that he doesn't see anybody but himself. Athena is strong, caring, generous and naive. When rodeo star Nate comes back to town for the Strawberry Festival, the biggest event is him going head to head against a local. He knows Athena does local competitions, but never thinks that it could be her. One of his PR events is to help her with her rodeo school for a few days. Athena has always been irritated by him, and the attraction she feels towards him doesn't help the situation. He always teased her because he could, he enjoyed getting her riled up. Now he's attracted to her, which doesn't work for him because he doesn't do relationships, and he can't risk his reputation on the hometown sweetheart. He talks her into doing a bunch of PR stuff, even if it's embarrassing for her. When he decides to make up for things, he does it behind her back. And afterwards she takes responsibility

Defenseless by Ciana Stone

We now know that Victor is not as bright as he thinks, thanks in part to Morgan, and a shocking incident that leaves both he and Morgan shaken. Cord, being the heartbroken man that he is, can't seem to stop himself from wanting them. And getting caught with with them by Morgan. Victor's become even more viscous than he was, and more powerful. There's a new and interesting twist to Morgan and Victor after they join. Trevor finally learns about Joe, who Joe is and a bit about he himself is. A battle is coming soon and Victor just might be blindsided by those he trusts. Everybody is showing just how dumb and gullible they, and how strong or weak. I'm definitely looking forward to the next episode. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

The Taming of The Viscountess by Karen Sommers

This is a unique and intriguing story. Marie was in love with her neighbor and was devastated when during her debut she found that he was with someone else. Heartbroken and humiliated, she refused to attend any more events, and turned away all suitors, until they stopped coming. Her father takes things into his own hands and betroths her to Viscount Berkeley. She was excited about marrying, thinking it was her only chance to marry and have a family. They don't meet until they get to the alter. He's shocked to see that she's young and beautiful, she's shocked that he's much older than she thought. When they arrive at his home, she's flabbergasted, it's so small and so unimpressive. And there aren't any servants. Each believes the marriage is doomed, but they do have their moments of interest. It's an enjoyable, intriguing, romantic and suspenseful story that I loved. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksprout. This is my honest and

One Night of Passion by Erica Ridley

This is funny, unpredictable and romantic. Thaddeus is romantic, charismatic, sweet and funny. Priscilla is strong, cheeky, stubborn and vulnerable. Koffi is demanding and amusing. Thaddeus is looking for "The ONE", but while he's looking he's decided to help the wallflowers and others by dancing with all of the ladies who lack dance partners. Priscilla is just biding her time, staying as inconspicuous as possible, until her 25th birthday. She will receive a trust fund if she is not married by then, and she desperately wants that money so she can chase down her father and grandfather, who are adventuring and have stayed gone her whole life. But after Thaddeus and she have an amusing conversation, and he keeps pursuing her for more conversations, she starts to really like him. They become friends, and find that they have much in common, and the more time they spend together, the more they want the other to be "The ONE". It has some very witty dialogue, and is

Broken In by Cassie Cole

This is steamy, intriguing and amusing. Inheriting a ranch she didn't want, Cindy impulsively hires 3 ranch hands to help get it in selling condition. The guys have an ulterior motive for working for her, which you don't find out about until the end. Each man has a vastly different personally. Landon is the serious, responsible one, Daniel is the shy, quiet one and Chase is the excitable, rash one. On top of dealing with her father's death, she finds that the ranch is in a dire financial situation. And her slimy neighbors are making her life extra miserable. It's intense and dramatic storyline will keep you guessing about what everyone wants. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksprout. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

Wilde For You by J.P. Oliver

This is a gripping, romantic and heartwarming story. Gavin is friendly, caring and protective. Benji is determined, confused and regretful. As teens in high school Benji bullied Gavin incessantly, because he was always smiling and happy, and Benji wasn't. After high school Benji got in with some not so nice people who did not so legal things. The last thing he did was drive the getaway car for a robbery, one which ended with Ryder's mother being injured. Now out of jail and in need of a job, he finds himself at the Sit n Sip. He doesn't know who owns it until Gavin walks in the door, right behind Ryder. Needless to say, neither was happy to see him. But Gavin decides to give him a chance. Being around Gavin makes Benji nervous, but he doesn't know exactly why. Ryder figures out why, but Gavin isn't too sure. As everyone gets to know Benji again they believe that he's not the same person he was, and that he had reason to act out. Gavin volunteers to let Benji exp

The Cowboy's Contract Marriage by Leslie North

This is amusing, romantic and sweet. Johan is charming, generous, cheeky and stubborn. Virginia is determined, tough and caring. They played together when they were children, a lot of the time in an old barn, with Virginia playing bride. She always tried to get Jonah to be her groom, but he never would. She always wanted to have a wedding business, so when she was set to get an inheritance after she got married, she went to Jonah about buying the old barn to turn into her wedding venue business. Jonah agreed because he needed money to get two horses he wanted. When she called off her wedding to her fiancé, she went and asked Jonah if he would marry her, temporarily, so she could get the money, he agreed, he had already put a deposit on the horses. Everything was good at the start, she did her thing and he did his, until she needed his help. They ended up spending a lot of time together, and both became used to having the other around. One thing led to another so when it was time for th

A New Home For The Duke by Rose Pearson

This is tragic, sweet and interesting. Stephen is heartbroken over the death of his wife, so he sends his children back to England, and proceeds to drink his sorrow away. Jenny is hired as the new governess to John and Mary after the first one quit because the children's unacceptable behavior. Jenny is shocked to learn that the children have been terrorizing the household. Rather than getting angry and disciplining them, she tries to be more understanding, because she knows that grieving alone is hard. When the Army finally has it with Stephen, he's escorted back to England. He becomes a worse drunk at home, and completely ignores his children. Jenny has no fear about getting in the Duke's face about his kids, or the rest of his behavior. Lucky for her, he respects that. It's a sad story with a very happy ending. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksprout. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

Ladies and Scoundrels Volume 2 by Amanda Mariel

These are two very romantic and entertaining stories. The storylines are sweet and the characters are likable and charming. All the stories in the series keep you entertained from start to finish. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksprout. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

Linked Across Time Volume 1 by Dawn Brower

These are intriguing and romantic stories. People are switching between the present and the past, finding love. The people left behind are desperate to find their loved one, and families intertwine. The men are arrogant, the women are strong and the storylines are fascinating. This is a great series that weaves tales that capture your imagination. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksprout. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

A May - December by Romeo Alexander

This is amusing and romantic. Matthews is a closet gay, he's also gruff, stubborn and caring. Skye is bold, daring and vulnerable. Matthew finds Skye on the side of the road, hitchhiking alone in the middle of nowhere, so he picks him up and brings him to where his friends said that they'd meet him. They are all supposed to see the Northern Lights, but his friends got a ride. Matthew thinks Skye is too out of place for his own good and tells him so. Skye insists that he'll be fine, he has a tent and a heater. And he doesn't think that bears eat people, he'd look it up if he had any bars. A couple of hours later and Skye is knocking on Matthews door. Matthew feels bad for him and offers him his couch until his friends get there. There's an interest between the two, but the town is pretty old-fashioned and intolerant, so Matthew insists on keeping their distance. Skye is cute, and clumsy and Matthew finds him more appealing the longer he's there. Which is over

An Unforgettable Ball At Bromenville Hall by Hanna Hamilton

This is sweet, romantic and suspenseful. Max is unpretentious, charming, bold, flirty and friendly. Eugenia is sweet, kind, humble and outgoing. The two meet when Max's step-mother invites an heiress, Lady Helana, and her parents to the hall to with the intent of getting Max to marry her. Eugenia is Helena's maid, and caught Max's eye the second he saw her. Max kept putting himself into the path of Eugenia to talk and flirt with her, especially after finding out that she loves horses as much as he does, and Helena hated them. And Helena reminded Max of the woman who broke his heart. As Max and Eugenia get closer, things start to happen that make Max think that someone was trying to kill him and Eugenia. Max and Eugenia make a sweet, heartwarming couple. And the twists at the end of the story are dramatic. This is a must add to your TBR list. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

Sharp Edges by Lenore Moreau

This is an amusing, sad, steamy and entertaining. Oliver is serious, responsible, flirty and strong. Gio is beyond stubborn, cheeky, vulnerable and protective. They met at the bar that Gio works at, but they never talked. Oliver would come in and sit alone in a corner booth, and Gio would watch him. Then one night Gio goes looking for the boy who hit his sister, and Oliver answered the door. They get into a scuffle, then Oliver gets in Gio. But Gio is straight, he insists that just because he was with a guy it doesn't make him gay. And he tells himself that after every time they are together. There's a reason he insists he's straight, but he doesn't like to think about it. Their situations drawn them together also. Oliver is responsible for 6 siblings, and Gio is responsible for 4. It's a fascinating story that has one tragedy after another. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksprout. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.