The Viscount's Heart by Joyce Alec

This is dramatic, suspenseful and romantic. The story is interesting, but it also unnecessarily repeats things. Wickton is unassuming, protective, chivalrous and impulsive. Davenport is pompous, rude, condescending and determined. Emily is timid, sweet, vulnerable, bold and brave. Emily had spent her seasons being a wallflower until Lord Davenport started calling on her. Wickton is Emily's best friends brother, and he promised his sister he would watch out for her. Only he didn't, he stayed at home after his sister's wedding and completely forgot about Emily. When the new season started he went back to London to check on Emily and immediately ran into her at the park, being escorted by Davenport. Which for some reason made him upset. Then he saw her at a ball, and while he spoke to her, it wasn't as warmly as it had been in the past. That confused her, he had always liked talking to her, but didn't seem interested anymore. Dealing with a future that consisted of either marriage to Davenport, because he was the only man to ever show an interest, or be shipped off to an elderly aunt in Scotland, she felt that Davenport was the better option. But she didn't know his character. At one ball, he had reserved the dinner dance, then blew her off. Wickton didn't take kindly to that and confronted him later that night. Then disappeared. Emily was frantic to find him, did everything she could to find out what happened to him. Davenport showed his true colors, and neither Emily nor Wickton were able to escape his nefarious plans. It was a really good storyline, unique in the way the characters behaved, and a twist I did not see coming at the end.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksprout. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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