Love Comes For The Bodyguard by Savannah Adams

This is a sweet, suspenseful, romantic and amusing story. Tyler is a determined, protective, caring and sweet old school gentleman. Brianna is patient, stubborn, gentle and trusting. They've know each other for years, her big brother is Tyler's best friend, and she's had a crush on him since high school. They have worked together for three years, but never socialized outside of work. When Tyler sees Brianna acting funny while talking to a customer, he goes over to check on her and realizes that something is up. The next time the customer comes in Tyler keeps his eyes on him and intervenes when the customer looks threatening. He decides that he needs to watch over her, because he cares, and because his best friend threatened dire consequences if anything happened to his sister while he was gone. Spending time together sparks feelings that they don't want to deal with. He wants her, but she's off limits and he doesn't think that she feels the same way. She wants him, but thinks that he's only taking care of her because it's an obligation. The creepy customer gets stalky and Tyler sticks to her like glue, until his Mustang gets damaged and she sends him away. Interruptions when


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