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Smoke Signals by Catherine Gayle

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. Razor is a professional hockey player who is in Vegas for a friends wedding, Viktoriya is a Russian ballet student who got booted out of school because she was making porn movies to make money after her father died, which cost hee her visa. Viktoriya decides to become a prostitute in Vegas to earn some money quickly, before she gets deported. Viktoriya sets her sights on Razor as her first John, only when she propositions him he knows that there is a desperate reason for her to do it, not that she just chose to do it. When she tells him about not having a legal way to make money he decides to rescue her from the streets and from deportation by marrying her. But things are not as easy as that. She is hiding from the Russian mafia, and it turns out that just getting martied doesn't mean that she can stay in the US and get a green card. They need to show immigration that they married for love, and no other reason, to get

Must Love Ghosts by Ani Gonzalez

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Mike heads to Banshee Creek to deliver a special package. His best friend, Cole, is dead and he is on a mission to bring Coles fiance, a woman he has been in love with for years, a package from Cole. But before he can give it to her, she drags him to the towns first annual Halloween party, where they proceed to get drunk and fall into bed together. His guilt eats at him for not giving her the package before they slept together, because he still thinks of her as his best friends girl. While on a paranormal investigation with some people from the town, he decides to finally give her the package, and then run away. Can they get past the past and find happiness? Mike Stone has become a favorite character, he is snarky and has a great sense of humor.

The Rogue You Know by Shana Galen

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. Susanna, an earl's daughter, and Gideon, a thief, are from far different worlds, until he breaks into her house and she decides to force him to take her on an adventure. While on this adventure they begin to trust and rely on each other because they need to avoid capture by the other thieves who want to either kill Gideon, or turn him over to the man who wants to kill him, and Susanna's brother, a thieftaker. You start right off rooting for Gideon, because he's a nice guy who doesn't know that he's a nice guy. Susanna is strong, daring and brave. Together they make a great team and a strong couple. But can Susanna convince Gideon that he can leave his world behind so they can make a life together ? This us a well written book with well developed characters and I really enjoyed reading it.

Brave The Heat by Sara Humphreys

I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Gavin and Jordan were HS lovers until she up and left without a word, breaking Gavins heart. 15 years later she shows up in town again. Gavin is angry because she left and never tried to contact him, and Jordan is angry because of things he said and because he was already with someone new when she called her friend to find out how he was about a week after she left. Jordan decided to move on with her life, so she got married and had 2 kids. It turned out the guy she married was a real jerk so she divorced him. Soon after that Jordan found out her abusive father was dying. Jordan packed up her kids and went home. When Gavin and Jordan see each other again, old hurts and anger come rushing to the surface, but so does the love. As they struggle to come to terms with the past and their feelings for each other, outside forces conspire to keep them at odds. There is a firebug in town setting fires and all the firefigh

Dare To Commit by Lacey Wolfe

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. Two people who just want to have no strings attached sex meet and have a one night stand. Then Emmitt decides that he doesn't want it to be a one night stand, but Jacklynn is not interested in anything more. Emmitt hunts her down and proceeds to try to convince her that they should spend more time together. Add in a cheater ex (hers) and a sexy neighbor ( his) and things get interesting. This is a quick read with lots of sex, and some drama. It is a good story that I enjoyed reading.

One Moonlit Night by Gaelen Foley

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Gable is a rake with no plans to marry soon. Katrina is well above marrying age with no prospects. They meet in the park where she is lamenting the fact that yet another suitor chose somebody else instead of her, and he is looking for an earring that came off the lady he was with earlier that day. Gable ends up convincing her that being a spinster can be okay. They become friends and when Gable is told by his father that he is to wed within four weeks or be cut off, he thinks that marrying his friend is the perfect answer. Only Trinny now considers herself off the market. Gable decides to try convince her that a marriage between them is in his, and her, best interest. It's a sweet, funny and engaging story which I highly recommend. And I can't wait to read the next book in this series.

The Wedding Season by Samantha Chase

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. Ryan and Tricia have known each other for years, his brother Sean is her best friend. Sean and Tricia have a bunch of friends getting married for the second summer in a row and neither wants to go stag because people are always trying to set Sean up with women and look at Tricia with pity. So Sean decides that they should go together pretending to be a couple. But when he gets hurt and can't make the weddings, he convinces Ryan to take his place. What starts as role-playing becomes real. When they find out that they've been set up things go awry. Can they overcome the hurt feelings and manipulations? Ryan and Tricia are great characters with charming personalities. This is a sweet story about love and trust and family that I very much enjoyed reading, and wish was much longer. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good romance.