Smoke Signals by Catherine Gayle

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. Razor is a professional hockey player who is in Vegas for a friends wedding, Viktoriya is a Russian ballet student who got booted out of school because she was making porn movies to make money after her father died, which cost hee her visa. Viktoriya decides to become a prostitute in Vegas to earn some money quickly, before she gets deported. Viktoriya sets her sights on Razor as her first John, only when she propositions him he knows that there is a desperate reason for her to do it, not that she just chose to do it. When she tells him about not having a legal way to make money he decides to rescue her from the streets and from deportation by marrying her. But things are not as easy as that. She is hiding from the Russian mafia, and it turns out that just getting martied doesn't mean that she can stay in the US and get a green card. They need to show immigration that they married for love, and no other reason, to get her a green card so they set out to convince everyone aroubd them that they are in love. He realizes he really cares about her fairly early into the relationship, but she has a lot of issues to work through if they are going to have a real marriage. This book gives insight into the porn industry and US immigration and is not for the faint of heart, because we learn about what really happens to some women in the business. The story is solid and enjoyable, the characters are well developed and it was funny and sad and heartbreaking. I would definitely recommend this book. And I hope Catherine has plans to write stories for Kade and Dima.


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