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The Baron's Malady by Rose Pearson

This is romantic, dramatic and intense. Gideon is charming, kind, caring and generous. Josephine is strong, brave, caring and determined. After her parents succumbed to scarlett fever, Josephine made her way to London to find work, and ended up helping to care for the many afflicted by the fever instead. From there she ended up at the estate of the Baron Dunstable helping to care for his mother, sister then him when they had the fever. While there, her and Gideon become close, despite their differences in station. And the fact that he is to wed a viscount's daughter. It's very easy to like all of the characters, there is no bad guy in this story, just inconvenient circumstances. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Badlands by Morgan Brice

This is a fascinating and thrilling story about love, trust, loyalty, magic and the supernatural. Simon is a medium who is tough, caring, smart and vulnerable. He had his life turned upside down, and was making a new one, by being who he is. Vic is a cop who is untrusting, skeptical and stubborn. He is also starting over, because he saw something that no one believed. They happen meet at a cafe one day, by chance the day that Vic was going to ask the local psychic about a case. Unfortunately, because of what he went through at his previous job, Vic thought that Simon was a fraud, and therefore not an option for any type of relationship. Neither could ignore the attraction between them though, but trust was not easy. A serial killer is on the loose though, and that brings them together. With a very intriguing storyline and characters that are easy to like, this book is intense and entertaining. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Hidden Gems. This is my honest and volunta

Four Simple Words by Mary J. Williams

This is romantic, dramatic, amusing and interesting. Liam is determined, bold, charming and amusing. Destry is stubborn, snarky, tough and bold. They had a one night stand, said goodbye thinking that they'd never see each other again and then found out that they live in the same city. Their night was hot and fast, and neither could stop thinking about it, so when Liam finds Destry again, he begs for a chance to be with her. During their agreed on two week affair, they found that they had someone special in common. The drama is this storyline is amazing, Miller turns out to be a worse loser than we knew, Hugo is a bigger criminal and Billie is getting desperate. I love this series, and this is my favorite book from it. I can't wait to find out about Trey. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

Always My Viscount by Dawn Brower

This is romantic, entertaining and amusing. Donovan is determined and sweet. Estella is strong, stubborn and brave. They fell in love then were separated by her stepfather. 3 years later they themselves together again. Donovan is very forgiving, but it's not exactly smooth sailing. Both characters are likable and sweet, and the storyline is entertaining. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Cyclone by Janie Crouch

This is an intense, suspenseful, romantic and thrilling story. Zac is a determined, caring and protective man who becomes haunted by his past the minute his dead wife's best friend looks at him in fear. Something happened between them, but he doesn't remember what. Anne is a strong, independent, quiet and vulnerable woman who likes to be invisible. Especially to the man who broke her heart and her spirit. But Zac won't let her hide, he needs to know what he did to make her fear him. Anne had developed feelings for Zac while he was with her best friend but never thought of acting on it. Zac eventually started to think of her as more than just his gf's best friend but hid it. After the funeral they were drinking and things got out of hand. The next day Zac went back overseas, and soon after that Anne moved to Florida. Now they're both back in town, still feeling the same way about the other, but not knowing if the past has can be overcome. The story and characters are

Mended Hearts by Arabella Steedly

This is a gripping, action packed, dramatic and entertaining story. Jake is tough, stubborn, amusing and sweet. Vanessa is bitchy, independent and stuck up. She has her caring, funny and kind moments, but mostly she judges people quickly and harshly, and always finds them lacking. They've had some trouble in their lives, and every time things start to go their way, trouble comes. Jake has PTSD too, which complicates things, but as they get through each situation, they get stronger as a couple. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Hearts In Hiding by Sahara Kelly

This is a fascinating, sweet and entertaining story. Finn is charming, strong and insecure. Hecate is outgoing, caring, independent and generous. When Hecate finds Finn in the woods he is suffering from typhus and malnutrition, and loss of memory. She takes him home to try to nurse him back to health, and has to use her special abilities to keep him from giving up on life. After he recovers from the typhus he slowly regains his health and strength back, and discovers that a fascinating woman is his guardian angel. Meanwhile Hecate ends up with a houseful of guests, that she's also helping. When Finn eventually regains his memory, it's to discover that he witnessed a horrific crime. This has a fun and romantic storyline, with an interesting ending. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Candid Book Reviews. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

Highlander's Kiss by Joanne Wadsworth

his is steamy, intense and entertaining. Tavish is bold, determined, fierce and strong. Julia is stubborn, impulsive and caring. Cherub brings Julia to Tavish after she hurts her head, knowing that they are mates. Tavish realizes immediately that Julia is his chosen one, but Julia doesn't believe it because their auras aren't mixing. That doesn't stop Tavish from nagging her, it just makes him more determined. Another clash with the Mackenzie spices up everyone's life, and leads to a reunion. Tavish is very amusing when it comes to his mate

Accidentally Wed by Piper Sullivan

This is steamy, romantic, sweet and engaging. Zeke is determined, bold, dumb and oblivious. Maddie is stubborn, caring and untrusting. They'd had a pretty good thing going, until Zeke messed up, and Maddie wouldn't forgive him. 6 months later Zeke was still trying to get Maddie to talk to him when Aunt Mae decides to bless both of their businesses at the same time, with them together. So she binds their hands and recites her blessing. Zeke finally manages to get Maddie to talk, but only makes it worse. Then one day they wake up to people congratulating them on their marriage. He convinces her to give it a try, for her son, so they do. Unfortunately Zeke is not the smartest person, and he doesn't always think before he speaks, so he ends up in the doghouse, repeatedly. They each have good reason to not trust, and it's impossible to not root for them to make things work out. I really love this series, it has great storylines, wonderful characters and s

Highlander's Seduction by Joanne Wadsworth

This steamy, entertaining and romantic. Kirk is strong, determined, protective and loyal. Cherub is stubborn, caring and intriguing. Kirk has been looking for his mate for 5 years, Cherub just found out that it's her. But she is responsible for helping her people find their mates, so she tells Kirk that they can not be together. Kirk intends to prove to her that together they will be stronger, that he can help, not hinder, her work. Meanwhile the MacKenzie is up to something sinister, and it will take the power of the 3 and Cherub to win this battle. I love how the characters are all so happy and carefree when together.

Lord of The Blade by Elizabeth Rose

This is a fascinating story of love, betrayal, magic and redemption. Corbett is a cold, hard and determined man. Devon is a kind, caring, lonely and stubborn woman. Corbett has spent his life trying to rebuild his family's reputation that his father ruined by marrying a servant. He's determined to marry a titled lady so that his sons can inherit his title. Devon has spent her life being hidden in the monastery on Corbett's land, wishing she could be free to see the world outside of the monastery. Corbett has dreamed of a brown haired, green eyed woman who needs his help. When he goes to the monastery to get Devon's guardian to be the cook at his castle, he demands that she bring her "granddaughter" with her. Corbett and Devon both feel a pull towards each other, but Corbett treats her like an unwanted servant, which makes Devon fight against being just a lowly servant to him. He really treats her badly, except for being chivalrous enough to not force he into h

Family Doctor's Baby by Krista Lakes

This is romantic, sweet, amusing and full of drama. Jacob is sweet, charming and kind. Hannah is caring, quiet and vulnerable. The town has Jacob marrying Katie, even though neither is interested in having a relationship. He's secretly been in love with Hannah since high school. Hannah has always had a crush on Jacob, but didn't tell him. When things get hot one day, they have sex at the office, then decide that it's not a good idea, with the town being hung up on Katie. But then they go for it, just not telling anyone, and they get caught. All hell breaks loose in town, people being nasty to both of them. Then something happens to turn the tide. And the ending is so sweet and romantic. I loved this book. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Hidden Gems. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

To Pillage A Pirate by Heather C. Myers

This is a fun, romantic and sweet story. Aaron is bold, fearless, caring, charming and amusing. Belle is strong, independent, stubborn and brave. Belle ran away from home when she was 13 and ended up working at a port pub. 8 years later she needs to leave, and first she tries to win her way onboard Aaron's ship, but that doesn't work. What does work is Aaron's kind heart, and fascination with her. They end working together on his piracy escapades, and getting closer to each other. When her former fiance, a Commador in the Navy, finds out about them, he makes it his life's mission to bring them down. That makes their life a little more dramatic, and them more determined to outwit him. It's a very fun and romantic storyline with likable characters. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Twice Upon A Time by Lisa Ann Verge

This a slow reading yet intriguing story. Conor and Brigid have chemistry, but Brigid is a tease and Conor is full of himself. There is love and romance, also loss and anger. It was hard to get into at first, but the story gradually hooks you and keeps you curious enough to keep reading. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Reading Deals. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.
Celebrate the Holiday Season with a collection of Regency Romances. Available September 18th – Connected by a Kiss: Regency Holiday Collection. Follow the tour and enter to #win a $10 Amazon Gift Card! Title: Connected by a Kiss: Regency Holiday Collection Author: Christina McKnight, Amanda Mariel, Dawn Brower Genre: Regency Romance, Holiday Romance Release Date: September 18th, 2018 A Kiss At Christmastide by Christina McKnight After a ruinous London season, Lady Pippa Godfrey has given up on the idea of true love--until a devilishly handsome stranger arrives at her Somerset estate, seeking shelter from a winter storm. Soon, she's daring to claim a Christmas kiss with Lucas Hatfield, the Earl of Maddox, but when the storm abates, will he break her heart like all the rest? How To Kiss A Rogue by Amanda Mariel Lady Natalie's betrothal is ended and frees her to pursue the man of her dreams. During a holiday party she discovers the lord she desires in att

Knight Shift by Em Petrova

This is a gripping story that is amusing, romantic and suspenseful. Chaz is bold, protective, stubborn and chivalrous. Fleur is naive, strong, brave and vulnerable. Chaz is sent to watch over Fleur, and get information from her. He didn't expect to be immediately and intensely attracted to her, or feel the overwhelming need to protect her. Fleur was on the run and confused, but with Chaz she felt safe, on top of being attracted to him. Her father wanted her dead, Chaz swore he'd keep her safe. There's lots of action and drama in the storyline, and Chaz losing his mind a few times. It's a great addition to the series. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Highland Wolf Bride by Whitepuppy

This is an interesting, romantic, suspenseful, dramatic and sweet story. Malcolm is strong, bold, determined, caring and brave. Brooke is kind, caring, stubborn, snarky and brave. Malcolm raided the English village and castle because of his clans need for money, but instead of slaughtering the castle folk, he demanded the Earl give his daughter in marriage. Much to Brooke's surprise, Malcolm was not the cold barbarian she believed him to be, and most of his clan welcomed her without much fuss. Between them, and together, they face betrayal, loyalty issues and their own stubbornness. All together it's a fascinating storyline with interesting and entertaining characters. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Hidden Gems. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

A Cowboy's Baby by Vicki Lewis Thompson

This was amazing, it's my favorite of the series. This is a romantic, steamy, gripping and funny tear jerker. Gage is nothing like I thought he would be, he's sweet, caring, funny and sexy. Emna is brave, easy going and kind. Josh is a very happy and smart baby. Gage is crushed when he goes to see Emma and she tells him to go away. The next day she showed up in Eagles Nest with a baby with Gage's eyes. Gage is beyond thrilled, as is all of Eagles Nest, to find that he has a son, and that Emma is still just as interested in him as he is in her. The whole book is filled with love, laughter and tears, I couldn't put it down. It belongs at the top of everyone's TBR list. I will definitely be reading this over and over. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it

First Time Up by Declan Rhodes

This is an entertaining and sweet story. Eric is quiet, tough and calm. Harley is outgoing, emotional and stubborn. They both thought that they were straight, until they met. They became fast friends and hung out together a lot, being the only two unattached guys in their group who weren't looking for a hookup or a relationship. The closer they became, the more each felt attracted to the other, so they decided to explore and experiment. Turns out that both are actually gay, and both decidedly ignored it up to that point. Of course HEA does not come easily for them, and Harley only makes it worse, but with some interesting help from their friends they fight for that HEA ending. The storyline is an intriguing one, and it's emotional, and dramatic, and funny. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

Allegiance by Anna Markland

This is dramatic, amusing, sad and romantic. Rhys is smart, caring, optimistic and determined. Rhun and Rhydderch are bold and impulsive troublemakers, until they meet Glain. They grow up rather quickly after meeting her and turn into kind, caring and responsible adults. Annalise is a sweet, kind and optimistic girl who only seeks love. Glain and Isolda are sweet and caring, but Glain has a naughty streak in her. Rhys decides to marry the niece of the man who is going to hang his brothers, in exchange for not hanging them. Annalise is not pleased to be traded for the two ruffians, so she treats Rhys cooly, vowing to never open her heart to him. They become friends and get along well, until a near tragedy makes both realize that they view the other with more intense feelings. While making a journey to assess where roads could be built, they meet Glain, who the twins are both immediately attracted to. This causes trouble between the two, and Glain thinks it's a great idea for her twi

Hunter's Baby by Alexis Abbott

This is a gripping, suspenseful and romantic thriller. Hunter is intense, caring, protective and determined. Blossom is independent, resilient and brave. They fell in love, then she was ripped away. So Hunter has spent the last five years ridding the world of scumbags. Blossom has spent the last five years raising the daughter Hunter doesn't know about. Then she sees him, and things between them pick up right where they left off. Except now they're being hunted, their daughter is in danger, and Hunter will do whatever it takes to protect them, even if that means that he can't be with them. This is a fascinating storyline that calls into question, what constitutes a monster? Is it the random kidnappers, killers and rapists, or is it the person who kills them? Hunter will make you wonder if every murderer is really a bad person. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

Lordzs of London by Emma Evans

This is a romantic and entertaining collection of short stories. Each character is different, but all are likable and charming. The storylines are interesting, some are amusing, some are sweet, but all are romantic. I enjoyed reading all of them. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

How The Earl Entices by Anna Harrington

This is a gripping story of love, loyalty, trust, intrigue and romance. Ross is a tough, brave, caring and protective man on the run from the French and English. Grace is a strong, independent, stubborn and brave woman in hiding to protect her son. When Ross busts interested Grace's house to hide, he inadvertently has her panicked about being discovered, but when she finds that the time has come to go after her sons inheritance, she decides to blackmail him into helping her. There's an attraction between them that Grace had also felt when they met 12 years before, but he has no clue who she is. They have a tense, but amusing, trip to London, where he hopes to clear his name, she hopes to claim her sons birth right, and both start to wish for a future together. It's an amazing book and it belongs on everyone's TBR list. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

The Lords Elopement by Madeline St. James

This is a romantic and entertaining story. Thomas is determined, sneaky, caring and protective. Catherine is bold, determined, independent, kind and caring. The two were playmates when they were children, until Thomas disappeared. When he shows up as the son of the man her father betrothed her to, Catherine can't believe how cruel fate is. She is determined to flee rather than wed an old man, even after Thomas says he will stop her. She gets a job and prepares to start her life in France. But things don't go the way she thinks they will, and in the end fate will prevail. I loved this story, the characters are likable and the storyline is sweet, romantic and fun. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Lavinia and The Laird by Samantha Holt

This is romantic, entertaining and amusing. Niall is charming, polite, gentle and caring. Lavinia is sweet, kind, considerate and determined. Being the obedient daughter has always been what Lavinia strove for, but upon meeting Niall, she realizes that in order to keep being the person she has been, she must give up her chance at love. Niall came looking for a wife, but did not expect to find one immediately upon his arrival, but there's something about Lavinia that he finds irresistible. Convincing her mother to accept Niall as a suitor is another story, because he is the nephew of the woman she hates most. Lavinia and Niall are so perfect for each other, and the sisters are very entertaining. It's a wonderful story that should be on your TBR list. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Just For You by Kay Harris

This is sweet, steamy, romantic and entertaining. Hayden is smart, strong, kind, funny and sweet, but he's also insecure and vulnerable. Meg is smart, efficient, bold, outgoing and stubborn. Meg hates rich men, including Hayden, but when she needs money, she turns to him for help. After working for him, and hanging out with him, she finds that he's not the person that she thought he was, that he's actually a good guy. Hayden has always been attracted to Meg, but knew that she had a chip on her shoulder about him. When they have a conversation about him needing to settle down, she offers to be his matchmaker, for a price, and they spend even more time together. They end up giving in to their attraction to each other and both develop feelings, but she's not interested in being together as a couple, she thinks that she can't fit in his world. So while she's finding him dates, and he's going on them, they're sleeping together. They are unbelievably adorable

Broken Justice by Suzanne Halliday

This is an amazingly romantic, sweet, sexy and intense story. Cameron is tough, stubborn and unfeeling until he becomes intrigued with a blonde who is trying to be invisible, then he becomes caring and generous and confused. Lacey is a woman hiding from the world. She's untrusting, vulnerable and timid, until Cam rescues her from a couple of thieves, then offers her a chance to have a better life. There's an instant, intense attraction between them, but Cam thinks that he's too broken to be good for her. They learn to trust and love as they make the road trip to her new life. Cam doesn't give in gracefully, it takes all of Lacey's bold and determined faith in him. I can't wait to read the next book in the series. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

His Scottish Detective by Summer Devon

This is entertaining, intricate and dramatic. Joshua is tough, quiet and submissive. Munro is smart, stubborn and passive. They meet when Munro is hired to find Joshua's missing wife, and both are attracted to the other. But Munro doesn't want to admit that he has those feelings, and Joshua isn't sure whether he should pursue them. The other characters are all a bit nutty, and there are twists and turns you can't see coming. It's a very entertaining story. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Rebellious River by Lindsay Cross

This is an entertaining, amusing and suspenseful story. Ethan is tough, intense, determined and a loner. Kate is determined, independent and smart. When Kate needs a job, she gets hired by a private security team and Ethan is charged with training her. But they both find it hard to concentrate on what they're supposed to be doing when they have to fight their attraction. They have a very amusing relationship until it gets real. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

The Highlanders Secret Maiden by Lydia Kendall

This is an entertaining, sweet, intense and dramatic story. Conall is impulsive, jealous, stubborn and bold. Marcas is caring, protective, loyal and gentle. Fiona is kind, generous, patient and optimistic. Georgina is naive, determined, tough and gentle. Bolton is pompous, dominant, determined and brutal. While at a wedding Georgina learns that her father has given her to Bolton, a man she knows is cruel and unfeeling. She decides to run for it, with the help of Conall and Marcas, not knowing that they have a personal reasons to take her. Bolton already had them on his hit list, and their interference with his betrothed just makes him want to destroy them even more fiercely. While traveling with the two brothers, Georgina finds herself attracted to both, but Conall has a nasty mouth and no manners, so she likes Marcas more. Conall becomes jealous of Marcas, believing that as Laird, he is entitled to have Georgina himself. There's plenty of drama and action in their lives, between t