The Highlanders Secret Maiden by Lydia Kendall

This is an entertaining, sweet, intense and dramatic story. Conall is impulsive, jealous, stubborn and bold. Marcas is caring, protective, loyal and gentle. Fiona is kind, generous, patient and optimistic. Georgina is naive, determined, tough and gentle. Bolton is pompous, dominant, determined and brutal. While at a wedding Georgina learns that her father has given her to Bolton, a man she knows is cruel and unfeeling. She decides to run for it, with the help of Conall and Marcas, not knowing that they have a personal reasons to take her. Bolton already had them on his hit list, and their interference with his betrothed just makes him want to destroy them even more fiercely. While traveling with the two brothers, Georgina finds herself attracted to both, but Conall has a nasty mouth and no manners, so she likes Marcas more. Conall becomes jealous of Marcas, believing that as Laird, he is entitled to have Georgina himself. There's plenty of drama and action in their lives, between the bad feelings between the brothers, and the fight they know is coming from Bolton. The storyline is great and the twists make this a fantastic read.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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