Lord of The Blade by Elizabeth Rose

This is a fascinating story of love, betrayal, magic and redemption. Corbett is a cold, hard and determined man. Devon is a kind, caring, lonely and stubborn woman. Corbett has spent his life trying to rebuild his family's reputation that his father ruined by marrying a servant. He's determined to marry a titled lady so that his sons can inherit his title. Devon has spent her life being hidden in the monastery on Corbett's land, wishing she could be free to see the world outside of the monastery. Corbett has dreamed of a brown haired, green eyed woman who needs his help. When he goes to the monastery to get Devon's guardian to be the cook at his castle, he demands that she bring her "granddaughter" with her. Corbett and Devon both feel a pull towards each other, but Corbett treats her like an unwanted servant, which makes Devon fight against being just a lowly servant to him. He really treats her badly, except for being chivalrous enough to not force he into his bed. There is so much other drama playing out within the storyline, like her real identity, that they can never learn to trust in love. It's a brilliant book with interesting characters and a gripping storyline.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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