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Highlander Fallen by Rebecca Preston

This is more of an adventure story than a romantic one. Karin, an assistant lab technician at the CDC, has a car accident on her way home from work on a day she had a fight with her ex, and when she comes to she finds herself in Scotland, in the 15th century. The man who finds her was married to a woman who looked exactly like her, and was scientific like her. William decided to become a priest after losing his wife and child, but had recently had a change of heart and come home. There are others that came from the future at the castle, each replacing a relative, and marrying their spouse. Karin isn't interested in replacing William's wife, so she tries to avoid him. One day she was out riding and found that the local village is closed because too many of the people were sick, so she throws herself into discovering what is causing the illness, and what she can do to help. William happens to be an alchemist so he also is tryin to help, which has them working together to find a s

Point Blank Range by Em Petrova

This is steaming hot, thrilling and romantic. Linc and Nealy meet when she is sent to interview him about the details of his captivity after he escapes from the people of Operation X and then gets rescued by his Ranger Ops team. Nealy's determined to get him to remember everything that happened, even though he keeps telling her that he can't. After he's released from the hospital and reports for his next assignment he finds that it's to be a joint effort with the ATF, and that Nealy is the ATF agent he'll be working with. Their bickering turns out to be foreplay, and as soon as they're stuck on an elevator they have sex. But they still hate each other, until Linc has a bad period and calls Nealy. Linc turns all macho, arrogant man when it's time for Nealy to accompany Ranger Ops on it's mission, and risks her job by treating her like a woman, instead of an agent. A few twists to the story are shocking and sweet. This book had more sexy times than other O

A Duke In Her Bonnet by Hanna Hamilton

This is a gripping, dramatic, suspenseful and romantic story. Susana fell out of her family's wagon while they were on the move to London but no one noticed her missing right away. William happened to find her on the road almost frozen and brought her to his home. He and his brother Richard looked for her family but found nothing, so Richard took her in as his ward. When it was time for her come out, Richard was too ill to attend, and her chaperone abandoned her. She was nervous and hot so she ate a few ices, which were spiked, and made a few errors, which the ton made her pay for. Richard banished both Susie and Will to his country estate, and hired a dragon of a woman to teach Susie how to act like a ton lady. The woman was a menace, which angered Will, then a suitor showed up. That's when the two realized that they loved the other, but because it was a taboo, because they were raised as siblings, neither confessed. Will tried to let Susie be courted, but he was green with je

Married To The Rake by Samantha Holt

This is an entertaining, romantic and dramatic story. The Waverleys and Larkins have fueding for centuries, even though no one remembers what started it. The current generation, being Brook Waverley and Chloe Larkins, want to end the feud. The current gripe is about a parcel of land at the edge of the estates, and both sides move the dividing fence to where they want it, then the other side has it moved to where they want it. It's a constant battle that both fathers want fixed their way as soon as it's discovered. Brook and Chloe begin meeting to try to figure out a way to end the feud, and start to fall in love. The problem is Chloe is positive that someone as good looking and charming as Brook could never be interested in plain, wallflower her. And Brook not only isn't looking to marry, he doesn't like Chloe. For Chloe the feeling is mutual. The harder they try to fix things, the worse they get. Brook and Chloe are amusing and stubborn, and very likable, and I enjoyed

Trusting In Tasmin by Peter Styles

This is an entertaining and steamy story, with a twist that changes everything. Finn is a strong, selfless and sweet college student who works and goes without in order to pay his father's medical bills. Tamsin is a partner in the law firm that hires Finn for the summer. Finn was already crushing on Tamsin before they had ever met, and Tamsin started wanting Finn from the moment he had laid eyes on him. Tamsin doesn't feel right just starting a relationship with Finn because Finn works for him, so he goes to Monsieur so that Finn can become a consort. Their relationship is very rocky in the beginning because of Finn's lack of confidence, but that, and Finn needing a safe place, is part of the reason Tamsin wants him. Tamsin is a romantic guy, when he's not too busy with work, and he's exactly what Finn needs. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

The Disgraced Bride by Rose Pearson

This is a fascinating, dramatic and sweet story. Lord Morton is kind, chivalrous and protective. Emma is strong, determined and naive. After foiling a blackmail scheme, Lord Morton inadvertently cause the ton to know what Emma's father was up to, via Lord Morton's friend Lord Rochester. Emma had to face the ton in order to find an eligible bachelor to marry. Lord Morton kept his eyes on Emma when she was around, just to try and mitigate the scorn and drama that was thrown her way. He didn't intend to court her, but he couldn't let Rochester use and destroy her, and he certainly never planned to fall in love with her. She found herself liking him very much, which caused Lord Rochester to burn with jealousy. It has a great storyline and interesting characters. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

Return To Love by F.P. Fontaine

This is a good story that is full of drama. Jake is kind and generous, but he's also unemotional and oblivious. Melody is selfish, unfeeling and dumb. They dated for a while, then Jake decided to move to California with his brother to start his own company just after Melody found out that she was pregnant. She chose to not tell him because she didn't want to hold him back, and didn't want them to marry only because she was pregnant. So she married someone else and never told anyone that her husband wasn't her son's father. After a couple of years they divorced, and they never saw him again. He never visited or paid any support. Then Jake came back to town. It had been 7 years since they had been together, and Jake never thought that to question if her 6 year old son was his. When her house gets flooded Jake offers to let them stay with him, which she accepts, but is uncomfortable with, because she doesn't plan to ever tell Jake that he is a dad. She starts to th

Almost Paradise by Mary J. Williams

This is dramatic, heartbreaking and sweet. Jax met Skye right before his band made it big. After overhearing Skye singing Jax asked her to sing a duet with him one night, and everyone loved it, so Jax asked her to join them on their upcoming tour, but she said she could only go with her father's blessing. When her father agreed it was on the condition that she not sleep with Jax. They do a lot of talking, including her wish to star in a movie version of her favorite book. They make it al through the tour, then things fall apart. 5 years later Skye finds out that the book is being turned into a movie, and she has an audition. Then she finds out that Jax is writing the music for it. When Skye comes across Jax at a party thrown by the director, she realizes that she still wants Jax, and now she has a second chance to be with him. And they both have a chance to be part of a reunion of the original band. They both have to make some tough decisions in order to have a life together. I re

The Key To Her Heart by Blanche Dabney

This is entertaining, suspenseful and romantic. Daisy went to MacGregor Castle to deliver a package to Jock MacGregor that her sick roommate was supposed to bring. Jock thought Daisy was an assassin, so he threatens to kidnap her if she dares to come back again after the second time she ends up up at his bedroom door. But Daisy isn't in complete control of her travel plans. Jock is also dealing with the quick decline of his parents, and that someone stole the clan's money. Jock is a little oblivious to what's going on around him, Daisy is too eager to do what she loves without thinking of what she has to give up. This is an intriguing series and each book is better than the last. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

Finding His Way Home by J.P. Oliver

This is gripping, intriguing and romantic. Joshua just graduated from college, so he decides to go to Bennett Wood to look for the people a dna test said were his relatives. Jay is going to Bennett Wood to finally go through his deceased moms belongings and sell her house. They meet when both stopped at the diner to eat after both had been driving for hours. There's a spark between them and they decide to spend the night together, knowing that they're both leaving town soon. But there's more than a spark, Joshua gets unsettling news and Jay has doubts about selling the house. The shock of who his father is took me by surprise, so did his family's reaction. It's a great first book, and I can't wait to read the rest. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

Security Risk by Janie Crouch

Wow, this is non stop intrigue, suspense and action. We learn just how naive and childlike Bree really is, and how oblivious and vulnerable Tanner is. Someone is trying to set Tanner up, and there are more suspects as the storyline continues. It is a convoluted, intense and dramatic storyline that grabs you on page one, and keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end. This is a great series so far and this book is better than the last one, and I can't wait to read the next book. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

Falling For The Veteran by Alexa Rivers

This is a steamy, emotional, sweet and romantic story. Cooper is an aloof, cocky and charming playboy who suffers from PTSD. Sophie is a strong, independent and vulnerable woman who's been taking care of her mother since she was 12. They've known each other for years because Cooper's sister is one of Sophie's best friends. When Sophie catches her boyfriend with his secretary she goes to Aria's house to cry on her shoulder, but she ends up crying on Cooper's shoulder instead. Afterwards Sophie decides that she needs to have a fling to get over her ex, and Coop is the perfect guy to have one with. Coop isn't as thrilled with the idea, he knows that if anyone found out about them they'd say that he took advantage her, so he politely declines the offer. Then a week later, after he has thought of nothing but Sophie, and her being with another man, that he tells her that he changed his mind. So they embark on a two week fling. But it turns out that both start

Forbidden by Anna Markland

This is entertaining, dramatic and romantic. Rodrick didn't like his cousin Swan when they first met, but he wondered what was hiding beneath nun's habit. She came to dinner on the last day before she was to go to the nunnery dressed to the nines, and Rodrick fell in love with her. But nothing could come of it because of her being his cousin, and because she was to become a nun. Swan didn't want to be a nun, her former betroths father wanted her put there. She was attracted to Rodrick from the start, and was looking angry at fate for introducing her to him. Rodrick's sister wanted Swan's brother Bronson, but he had sworn off marriage after losing two wives and two babies. The four kept getting separated because of war, but Brodrick was determined to marry Swan, so they did everything to secure the church's permission to marry. The fighting between kings has them separated, as does working on behalf of the king. This is a beautiful love story. I received a comp

Calculated Risk by Janie Crouch

This is an intense, intriguing, dramatic, suspenseful and romantic story. Bree is a terrified woman on the run with two babies. Tanner is a sheriff's department captain who meets Bree when she's trying to shoplift diapers and formula. He pays for her stuff and she leaves, but not from his head. A week later he finds her working at a diner. He knows that she's running scared, but can't get her to confide in him about it. The more they get to know each other, the more they like each other, but know that nothing can come from it, because Bree doesn't allow people in, and Tanner knows there's more to her than she's telling. The organization that Bree is running from has technology that is scary and totally believable. I can't wait to read the next book in this series. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

Rock Hard by Brenda Ford

This is dramatic, intense and sweet. Alex is the lead singer of a band, and a man in a downward spiral. He did something he believes is unforgivable to his twin brother, even though his brother forgave him, and now he drinks to forget. Freya is a pop singer turned rock star and she's going on tour with Alex's band. Alex is livid when he learns that she's the opening act, calling her a pop princess who will lip-synch instead of sing live, and will turn his bands fans off. Freya thinks he's hot, but a complete jerk. But the more time they spend together, the more they learn just how wrong they both were. It's a long story about love, addiction and redemption. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

The Bucket List by RJ Scott

This is a heart-wrenching, romantic and interesting story. When Jason's brother Andrew dies he begins doing the things that Andrew had put on a bucket list for Jason to do for him. Beginning with seeing their childhood friend Mark, a man that disappeared on them when he and Andrew were 15, and convincing him to attend the 15 year high school reunion coming up. Mark is happy to see Jason, but devastated to learn of Andrew's death. Mark agrees to go with Jason to the reunion, but only for Andrew. He feels guilty for never having gone back to his hometown to see them and explain why he left. Mark hates that school, having been bullied and humiliated it's a place he never thought he would never step foot in again. Things don't go well, the bully is still a bully, and he won't leave Mark alone. After that disaster he agrees to still continue with the list. First stop is England. While on this trip Mark starts to develop feelings for Jason, while Jason realizes that he ne

Daring The Doctor by Peter Styles

This is romantic and interesting. Neil is a workaholic divorced father of twins, and a member of the club. Alex is Monsieur's right hand man, and Monsieur is grooming him to eventually run the club. There's always been a spark between Neil and Alex, but Neil didn't pursue anything because he was too busy. Then one day he decided that he wanted Alex, so he asked him out. Alex turned him down claiming that he didn't date Patrons, but he was not unaffected. Monsieur had a health problem that he went to Neil about, then used Alex as a messenger to push them together. I really liked Neil and Alex, they're both formal, but do have a lighter, playful side, especially Neil. I'm glad Alex found someone, he's always seemed lonely. The twist of being the first makes their relationship out of the ordinary, and more romantic. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

Untamed by Shireen Davies

This is intense, dramatic and suspenseful. The war between the MC's is getting closer and new players are introduced. This was not my favorite book, in fact I lost a lot of respect for several characters. I hated Wrangler, he's selfish, harsh, demanding and unpleasant. Becca is weak, vulnerable and impulsive. Wrangler ghosted on Becca after a 3 year relationship, in which they made plans for the future, knowing she would never see him again. When Becca discovered that she was pregnant she tried repeatedly to get ahold of him and couldn't. Finally she gave up and went on with her life, and raised their son alone. It had been 10 years since Becca and Wrangler had seen each other when he ran into her at a burger place. And discovered he had a son, then immediately contacted Cara to file for joint custody, papers Cara already had ready. The rest of the storyline between Wrangler and Becca ticked me off. The other storyline is getting more intriguing and suspenseful, I can't

The Governess and The Beast by Karyn Gerrard

This is a captivating and heartwarming story. After having to survive by being a prostitute, Lila is looking forward to starting her new, respectable life. She went to school to become a governess and has been hired by Lord Stonecliff. Simon was horribly scarred by a cannon blast two years earlier, and he's lonely. So he lures Lila to him with an offer to be his ward's governess, but he really wants to offer her the position of being his temporary companion/mistress. Offended by the offer, Lila is ready to walk away when he informs her that she can't leave until morning. She counters his offer with her own. One night to do anything he wants with her, in exchange for money, references and help getting a governess position. He agrees and they begin their bargain. Unfortunately things don't go the way they're supposed to, things get very intense between them, which causes both to lash out, and rain has washed away the road and she will have to stay for at least 48 hour

Mating A Country Star by Kenna Grace

This is entertaining, sweet and intense. Sam is an intern at the local paper, and he's competing for a full time job opening. Whoever writes the best  article gets it published under their name, and gets the job. Wracking his head for a great story, he decides to go backstage at the Luke Bryan concert and stealthily get an interview. Luke is bored in the nowhere town, so he drinks, gets high and does coke. When Luke and Sam meet after the concert they end up talking for hours., then Luke takes Sam home. As Sam is trying to sneak out, Luke gives him his phone number and asks him to call. Sam goes home and writes his article, not planning to contact Luke again. Until he finds out he's pregnant. When he tells Luke, Luke us shocked and unsure about being a father, but when Sam decides to have the baby, Luke decides that he wants to try to be a family. But there are trust issues, and tabloid pics, that interfere with the relationship. I liked both of the characters, but I have more

The Billionaire Prince's Daughter by Leslie North

This is steamy, entertaining and dramatic. Amy's company is hired to re-image Prince Artur's reputation, his country is on the verge of voting the monarchy out of power and he needs to show that he's more than just a playboy. After taking care of a scuffle together, Artur invites Amy up to his room to celebrate a good night's work. He seduces her, then goes back to his country. Five months later the firm is hired again to clean up Artur's image at home. Artur is shocked when he finds out that Amy's pregnant with his child. Amy is determined to act like a professional, while Artur wants to marry her. A tour of the country, and a bunch of blind dates, provides some entertainment, especially the last date. Artur is a sweet guy underneath the playboy exterior, and Amy is stubborn enough to not give in to a loveless marriage. The storyline is beautiful. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

Redemption For The Rakish Earl by Jilian Rouge

This is dramatic, suspenseful, tragic and romantic. Alex and Rue have known each other since they were children, and Rue has been in love with him since she was a young teen. When Alex needed to go to London to make money for his estate, Rue thought to keep him home by giving him her innocence, which he took, then left, breaking her heart. Nine years later Rue realizes that she has not given her suitors the real chance that they deserve and heads home for some thinking time. While staying at Alex's home for his mother's annual ball, which she did every year, his mother tells her that Alex's cousin Christian wanted to court her. Knowing that she'll never be with Alex she gives Christian her full attention, and then is shocked to learn that Alex was do back from London. As soon as Alex gets back they are bickering with each other, but when he learns that his cousin plans on proposing to Rue, he gets angry jealous. He's a class A jerk throughout the book, and was only

The Duke of Ravens by Jennifer Monroe

This is a fascinating, intriguing and suspenseful story, but it's not very exciting. Philip is hired as a gardener for Reginald, the Duke of Browning, but he's not there to garden. Caroline, the Duchess of Browning, is abused by her husband, and Philip helps divert the Duke's anger on several occasions. Neil, the Duke's brother, lusts after Caroline, and his brother's life. After Reginald dies Caroline worries about being around Neil, and men like him, so she makes Philip into her protector. Caroline and Philip spend a lot of time together, becoming friends, and eventually falling in love, but Philip says his place is as her servant. There is mystery, betrayal, lies and drama throughout the storyline, and there are some very surprising twists. Caroline, unfortunately, is very gullible and naive, she makes a habit out of believing things that not true. Philip is mysterious, sweet and charming. Neil is creepy and bold. I really loved the storyline, it was just not exc