Almost Paradise by Mary J. Williams

This is dramatic, heartbreaking and sweet. Jax met Skye right before his band made it big. After overhearing Skye singing Jax asked her to sing a duet with him one night, and everyone loved it, so Jax asked her to join them on their upcoming tour, but she said she could only go with her father's blessing. When her father agreed it was on the condition that she not sleep with Jax. They do a lot of talking, including her wish to star in a movie version of her favorite book. They make it al through the tour, then things fall apart. 5 years later Skye finds out that the book is being turned into a movie, and she has an audition. Then she finds out that Jax is writing the music for it. When Skye comes across Jax at a party thrown by the director, she realizes that she still wants Jax, and now she has a second chance to be with him. And they both have a chance to be part of a reunion of the original band. They both have to make some tough decisions in order to have a life together.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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