Falling For The Veteran by Alexa Rivers

This is a steamy, emotional, sweet and romantic story. Cooper is an aloof, cocky and charming playboy who suffers from PTSD. Sophie is a strong, independent and vulnerable woman who's been taking care of her mother since she was 12. They've known each other for years because Cooper's sister is one of Sophie's best friends. When Sophie catches her boyfriend with his secretary she goes to Aria's house to cry on her shoulder, but she ends up crying on Cooper's shoulder instead. Afterwards Sophie decides that she needs to have a fling to get over her ex, and Coop is the perfect guy to have one with. Coop isn't as thrilled with the idea, he knows that if anyone found out about them they'd say that he took advantage her, so he politely declines the offer. Then a week later, after he has thought of nothing but Sophie, and her being with another man, that he tells her that he changed his mind. So they embark on a two week fling. But it turns out that both start having feelings, and both realize that their actions in their other relationships left a lot to be desired. Both of their issues are heartbreaking, and both are strong, brave and determined to change their future actions. I loved the storyline and the characters.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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