How To Train A Viscount by Bianca Blythe

This is romantic, amusing, dramatic and suspenseful. Adam is a simple assistant until his employer gets murdered, and Adam sees the man who did it. He knew if he stayed he would be killed too, so he took the papers he had on him, and the ticket to England he'd just bought for his employer, and got on the ship under the name George Randall, the new Viscount Tremont. Not anticipating taking the title permanently, he's shocked when he ends up at the Duke of Belmonte's home being introduced as Viscount Tremont. And to make matters worse, he's forced to go to a ball to introduce himself as the new Viscount Tremont. While there he meets a woman who seems to be a kindred spirit when she helps him escape when she notices that he's trying to escape out a window. Lady Isla had just realized that society women looked at her as a threat instead of a resigned spinster. So talking to a man she hadn't been introduced to really didn't bother her. And it still didn't bother her the next day when he unexpectedly showed up at her door the next day asking for her to tutor him, on how to be a Viscount. She knows he's not who he says he is, but she agrees to do it as a lark. They find that they get along well, they like each other and they lean on each other for support. And they begin to fall in love. But when they are at his estate attending the ball he threw to introduce himself, his past catches up to him and puts both of them in danger. I love how her "family" reacts to the situation. The storyline is captivating and the characters are interesting.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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