One Night For Seduction by Erica Ridley

This is highly entertaining, romantic and interesting. Cole is impulsive, cocky, bold, charming, full of energy and can't turn down a bet. Diana is stubborn, passionate, daring and bold. Diana is considered unmarriageable by her cousin because she refuses to dress in fashion, interact with society or consider any man for her husband. Diana's cousin is lamenting this in Wicked Duke, a club owned by the Dukes of Colehaven and Everleigh, when he suggests a wager to Cole, 300 pounds to get her married by the end of the season. He can't tempt other men by dancing attendance on here, and he can't be the one to marry her. Cole of course takes the bet. Then finds it's not only not as easy as he thought, he might also like her himself. They bicker and fight, even getting into each other's faces, while he tries to get her noticed, and she hides against a wall. She won't get married and lose her freedom, she has an important job to do, she has to make sure that people are not getting fleeced by shop owners. And even if Cole is trying to do the same things, she only wants to secretly be partners to change the country.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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