Trainwrecks & Back Checks by Heather C. Myers

This is intense, dramatic, suspenseful and romantic. Art is tough, determined, unsure and unknowingly romantic. Chloe is brave, vulnerable, stubborn and a survivor. Chloe ran from an abusive man 3 years before and thought that she was rid of him. Until she came home one day to find roses all over her porch. Art happened to see how she reacted and was concerned. The next day, when she got to work, she found more roses at her desk. Nervous about her ex finding her, she went home. Art knew she shouldn't be home, and he went to check on her. He found her a mess, and didn't feel right just walking away. While they were dancing around the issue the ex showed up at her door and began to try intimidating her. She told him to give away, and he laughed, then starting to threaten her. When Art finally decided that he'd heard enough he opened the door, and after a few minutes told the ex that he was with Chloe. After the ex left Art asked her to pretend to be with him so he could protect her, she agreed, and with a couple of days it wasn't fake anymore. Unfortunately the ex didn't stay away, he caused all kinds of problems, but Art remained determined to protect her. He's very sweet about it too. I love this series, every storyline and every character is different, but they're all great.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksprout. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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