Steadfast by Shirleen Davies

This is an intense, thrilling, dramatic, suspenseful and romantic story. I don't suggest starting it right before bed. It's way past bedtime, but I'm starting on book 2 when I'm done with this. Wrath is bold, tough, determined, fierce and dedicated. Cara is strong, independent, stubborn, vulnerable and sweet. When Wrath sees Cara in a bar he is instantly intrigued by and drawing to her. Cara doesn't feel the same and walks away from him and leaves. Wrath goes outside to watch her leave, and hears a motorcycle. That's like adding catnip to a cat's favorite toy for him, so he follows her. He finds her up the street with her bike on the ground, she's okay, but not her bike. He calls his buddies to come get it and tells her that he's bringing her home. This doesn't fly with her because her dead, cheating husband liked to order her around. But she ends up going with him, and before he leaves he tells her that he'll be back the next night at 7 to pick her up for dinner. This attitude persists, but she can't make herself stay away from him. Things between them ramp up when she's targeted by a rival club, but things go from bad to worse soon after. I could not put this down, I had to see if things would work out, because this is anything but predictable.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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