Pleasing The Professor by Peter Styles

This is entertaining, steamy and romantic. David is a professor at a Christian college, and an author. Seb is a grad student at the college, and he edits David's books. Seb has been crushing on David for over a year, but didn't say anything  because he was unsure if the 20 year difference in their ages, and the fact that David was stuffy, would matter. Then one day he gets a visit from Alex, along with an invitation to a consort mixer. Seb considers the invitation, then decides that he'll take a chance asking David to date first. After David says no, Seb is determined to go to this party and find a man that will have him. When David shows up at the party, Seb loses it and goes off on him. In the end David is so angry at Seb he agrees to a trial run. But he still fights them being together. A series of events have them both considering the consequences of a relationship. It's a great story that pulls you in a little at a time, right up to the end when Seb gave in too easily to David, it felt like I hit a brick wall. Seb had had an attitude problem, and been very stubborn, all through the story, so I just can't believe that it was in his character to cave so easily. It ended with a HEA anyway, just not with the same ebb and flow that it had had.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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