Emily's Choice by Bethany Swafford

This is dramatic, heartwarming and entertaining. Emily is getting ready to have a short introduction to London before she has her first season the following year. Rosalind is her orphaned cousin who has lived with her and her father, and been Emily's companion, for the last five years. Mr. Williams owns the estate next to Emily's, Lord Evan is Mr. Williams' best friend. Emily is stubborn but polite no matter how rude other people are, until she's had enough of people acting as if Rosalind was a nobody, and here other cousin, Percival, keeps harassing her to accept his marriage proposal. Emily has never liked Percy, and he's never been anything but rude and condescending to her. When the girls are out walking one day they meet Mr. Williams and Lord Evan. When Emily's father finds out he forbids her to have anything to do with him, but won't tell her why, which just makes her rebellious. When her father collapses on Mr. Williams' property, she insists on caring for him as long as he's at Will's home. While there Rosalind and Lord Evan spend time together, and Emily gets to know Will. Emily's aunt and father push her to accept Percy, but Emily is interested in Will. With a few twists to the story the truth of the past comes out, which changes everything. I love the fact that the nobody girl brilliantly out does what everyone expects.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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