Fake and Bake by Romeo Alexander

This is interesting, romantic and heartwarming. Jax is a teen heartthrob actor who finds out that his manager has been keeping him in teen roles rather than being in more adult roles. He heads off to Higbee to see he northern lights, only he had a slight meltdown on the way which caused him to be a day late. After spilling hot coffee all over himself he ends up at Anthony's bakery looking for something to dry himself with. Anthony is a genius at making and decorating sweets, he's also agoraphobic. While cleaning up in the back of the bakery he hears Anthony talking to someone, and when he hears what it's about, he walks out front and pretends to be Anthony's new boyfriend. Afterwards they come up with an arrangement that helps both of them. Jax stays with Anthony where he can get peace and quiet, and pretends to be boyfriend to make another man jealous. They end up having some deep conversations and help each other see that they don't have to remain stuck in place, that they are stronger than they believe. They're an interesting, sweet and romantic couple.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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