A Dangerous Temptation by Jillian Eaton

This is a thrilling, suspenseful and romantic story. Five years ago Tobias was a dock worker when he came home one morning to find his wife murdered, when he got himself together he became a bow street runner so that he could track down the murderer. He drinks a lot and is focused solely on revenge. Him being drunk contributed to his meeting Amelia, her carriage had run into him and he was unconscious. Amelia had her driver put him in the carriage, and when he woke up, he and Amelia ended up kissing, then he jumped from the moving carriage. Amelia is on her fourth season and had yet to find anyone interesting that she could love. Something about Tobias draws her to him, and makes her misbehave with him. There's a strong attraction between them that Amelia tries to explore, but Tobias is against it for so many reasons. And there's always the slasher to hunt down. When one of Amelia's suitors gets a bit too pushy Tobias comes to her rescue, and they make an enemy. A couple of shocking twists you don't see coming add to the drama of the storyline. The story drags a little, but it's a great story.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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