Whom Shall I Kiss… A Earl, A Marquess or A Duke by Laura A. Barnes

This is romantic, amusing, unpredictable and thrilling. Sidney decides that she will conduct an experiment aimed at exposing just how far gentlemen will go, no matter their rank, to ruin a lady for sport. Sophia, her best friend, offers to help Sidney with her research. The first of the 3 men is Lord Sheffield, a duke. Sheffield is a pompous, smug, determined and unscrupulous a** who is only in the game to compete with his friend. The second man is Lord Wildeburg, is the Marquess, and the friend Sheffield is competing against. Wilde is a rake of the worst sort, he uses his charm and good looks to seduce whoever he wants, with no remorse. The third man is Lord Beckwith, an Earl and a friend. Things won't be as easy as Sidney thinks they will be, because the men all react off of each other and each becomes determined to win her, when only one actually wants to marry her. There are games played, reputations disparaged and lies told. The courtships range from sweet to overbearing, and none are dull. I loved this and found it impossible to put down.
I received a copy of this book from Booksprout and am voluntarily reviewing it.


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