Ruthless by Ciana Stone

This is suspenseful, disturbing and sad. Cord sets out to find out once and for all if Juan is responsible for her taking the missing nuclear waste. Unfortunately that leaves Morgan at home alone and vulnerable. Cassie goes after Cord, Victor goes after Morgan and Mark starts to fall for Morgan. There are so many lies told and so much betrayal, poor Morgan gets bombarded from all sides and unfortunately is dumb enough to believe the lies so easily. Cord tries to play hero, but it tragically backfires on him. Cassie gets ticked off when she realizes that she can't get Cord and goes a litte crazy. Things get so confused and out of hand that you can't tell who is a good guy, and who isn't. I'm still not thrilled about being left hanging, but it does makes​ sense at the end. I can't wait to read the next book.
I received a copy of this from Booksprout and am voluntarily reviewing it.


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