The Confessional by K Nilsson

This is intense, heartbreaking, suspenseful, disturbing and graphic. Grace doesn't know why she needs the degradation she craves, she just does. She has been dealing with wanting to hurt herself and having nightmares she can't remember anything about since she was a teenager. She has been seeing the same therapist since she was 14, and just recently has been having flashbacks about being controlled. When she disappears after one of her episodes her sister hires a P.I. to find her. The P.I. gives the case to another P.I., Saint, who specializes in catching cheating wives by taking pictures of them while they are with him. His wife cheated on him so he decided that 1) he wasn't ever going to trust another female so 2) he only did one night stands and 3) he was starting his own business that would help men catch their wives cheating. When he found out about Grace's behavior he thought that he had found a soulmate, another person who used sex to satisfy a different need. After she goes home her sister still wants Saint to watch her, but that doesn't work for him. Until they realize she is being stalked, then he's all over her. What follows is a shocking twist that you can't see coming. The end is sweet and satisfying.
received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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