Highlander Found by Rebecca Preston

This is sweet, romantic, suspenseful and thrilling. Audrina's grandfather filled her head and heart with stories of Scotland and told her to go to Skye someday. She kept putting it off because she worked too much, but planned to go. Colin had been in love with Maeve from the minute they met as children and planned to marry as soon as they could, but Maeve kept putting him off. She didn't want to have to submit to the English pig of an overlord on her wedding night. Colin finally convinced her to marry in secret, but they were found out and Audrina was taken by Cotswold for his claim to their wedding night. And she never seen again. Audrina went to a museum to see the Scottish treasures being shown and when a thief tried to take a kilt pin she chased him down and recovered it. All of a sudden she found herself in the past as Mauve. She and Colin didn't believe in the same version of her truth, but worked together get "their" past worked out. It's an intriguing storyline with both time travel and reincarnation together.
I received a copy of this book from the author and am voluntarily and honestly reviewing it.


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