Winter Cowboy by R.J. Scott

This is dramatic, intense, heartbreaking and suspenseful. Micah is strong, brave, protective and determined. Daniel is stubborn, unforgiving, judgmental and has PTSD. Lovers as young men, their world was torn apart by a night of stupidity. Friend turned against friend, lovers lied and someone died. After the accident Daniel was so upset with Micah that he told him to leave town and never come back, so Micah did. Until he had to bring his sister back to town. He was only going to stay long enough to insure his sister's safety, then decided to stay until his ranch could support her. While he is there he is confronted by the people he injured, both directly and indirectly, and they both finally confront the past. I really had a hard time with the way his aunt and uncle treated him, and the fact that Daniel had no clue what really happened the night of the accident and had no interest in knowing. The hero of the story is Chris, his willingness to see the event for what it was, forgive and move on is ultimately the key to everyone's healing.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.


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