Heroic Tales of Medeival Romance by Laurel O'Donnell

My Noble Knight
This is dramatic, suspenseful, romantic and entertaining. Griffin is tough, brave,  chivalrous, protective and generous. Layne is stubborn, impulsive, bold, daring and honest. After being unhorsed for the first time ever in competition, Griffin is shocked and enraged to find that it was a woman that did it, but when he found that she was headed for the dungeon for it, he had to intervene on her behalf. It went against his code of honor to have any woman treated that way. Instead, he takes charge of her, vowing to teach her how a woman behaves. Unfortunately for him, she's no ordinary woman, she's smart, has guts and is honorable. Layne discovers that he's not just another knight, she's everything she could want in a man. But she's far from being what any man would want. Him taking charge of her is just the beginning of the drama, things go downhill from there. I couldn't put it down until I was done.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

Midnight Shadow
This is dramatic and tragic. Terran is bold, demanding, ignorant, oblivious and stubborn. Brian is brave, daring, determined and protective. After Terran comes to insist the betrothal contract between him and Bria is upheld, Bria decides to fight back against him and his cruel sheriff, Kenric, the man who killed her best friend. She rides as The Midnight Shadow, stealing the taxes from Kenric and giving them back to the people. But she can't fight her attraction to Terran, even knowing all the evil things he has done. As she gets to know him, she becomes confused about the things he does, some caring, some not. Meanwhile, Kenric has his own plans for them. It's a slow paced story until the end, but it keeps you on the edge of your seat

The Lady and The Falconer
This is dramatic, suspenseful, exciting, heartbreaking and romantic. Logan is a cold, determined, unforgiving and charming man who is set on getting revenge against the man who killed his family. Solace is a fierce, brave, kind and caring woman, and the daughter of the man who killed Logan's family. 13 years after he lost his home and family, Logan infiltrates the castle, and gets distracted by Solace. They're drawn closer to each other by attraction and circumstances, but life is ever evolving, and Logan can't give up the revenge he seeks. There is so much heartache and betrayal throughout the story, and so many unexpected and unforseen twists, that it grabs your attention and keeps you riveted. It's one of the best stories that I have read.

A Noble Knight
This is dramatic, suspenseful, tragic and full of action. Slane is a weak man of his word, except for when it comes to Taylor, then he's a liar and dishonorable. Taylor is brave, tough and stubborn, but also naive and vulnerable. Slane was charged by his brother to find Taylor and bring her to him. After finding her he deceives her into thinking that he's taking her home to see her father, and he convinces her that it's in her best interest. Taylor didn't want to go, she wanted nothing to do with her father, but Slane intrigued her, so she stayed with him. They become close along the way, and Taylor begins to think of a future with him. Because he also never told her that he was betrothed. It's a great story, but Slane never comes close to redeeming himself, his lies and betrayal were all for his benefit, he never once considered her and what it all would mean for her.


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