After MidKnight by Em Petrova

This is steamy, romantic, suspenseful and dramatic. Roades is impulsive, bold, tough, caring and lost. Carissa is strong, brave, stubborn and caring. They were on the cusp of getting married years ago, when Mr. Knight talked Roades into leaving Carissa basically at the alter. Now she needs his help with her brother, and comes running. The intense attraction that they first felt as teenagers has not cooled, in fact it's gotten stronger, and impossible to fight. But Roades doesn't think she'd want to marry him, because of his job. Carissa believes that he could not have loved her, because he left too easily, and never went back. Roades is busy dealing with bad guys, while Carissa helps those she can. And both are torn at the thought of what will happen when Roades is done. This is another great story in a brilliant series that should be on top of your TBR list.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.


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