Turner's Woman by Jenna Kernan

This is a gripping, dramatic, shocking and powerful story depicting one man's journey across the country when California was still being discovered by Americans. If you have a weak stomach, or are sensitive to gory details you might want to pass on this book. Jake is a brave, determined and untrusting man who is tasked with making his way to California, and mapping the way, for the president. Emma is the daughter of a career military man, who has bullied her and kept her prisoner. She's on her way to her father from one fort to another when her party is attacked and everyone except her is killed. Jake manages to save her, then refuses to take her back to either fort, because he is on a time sensitive journey. She doesn't stand up to Jake because she's afraid that he's like her father.  But they both learn just how strong and brave she is. Along the way they face setback after setback, sometimes being in grave danger, and they each fall in love, both refusing to acknowledge it because neither wants to be trapped in a marriage. It starts off slowly, but picks up as the action picks up. It's sad and tragic and interesting.
I recieved a copy of this book from booksprout and am voluntarily reviewing it.


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