The Deceptive Duke of Salston by Kathy Heart

This is dramatic, romantic, amusing and unpredictable. Caleb is charming, kind, gentle and impulsive. Harriet is strong, determined and caring. Caleb decides that he wants to get to know Harriet "the ice queen" with thoughts of marriage. He needs to know if she's another gold digger, or if there is more to her. Harriet wants to marry for love, not money or connections, but after her father dies her mother will not give her the choice. She's all set to dislike the Duke her mother picked for her, and when his head groom shows up to buy a horse, she finds that she is drawn to him. Wondering how she can possibly marry a man when she'd be so close to a man that intrigued her, she's shocked and angry to find that the man she's been dreaming about is actually the Duke himself. I really like both Harriet and Caleb, they are both kind, caring and genuine. The storyline has a few shocking twists that bring drama and tears to the story.
I received a copy of this book from Booksprout and am voluntarily reviewing it.


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