The Viscount's Victress by Madeline St. James

This is entertaining and romantic. Percival is impulsive, unsure and stubborn. Marina is bold, daring, charming and strong. Marina, a seamstress, finds an invitation to an assembly hall and decides to go and give herself a taste of high society, and prove that she could belong. When Percival sees her, he's is totally captivated by her. Then frustrated because there's no way for him to talk to her or dance with her. Marina so enjoys herself, is warmly welcomed by the same people who would normally look down on her, and is just as captivated when she sees Percival that she accepts invitations to other society events. Percival becomes obsessed with her, always thinking about her and constantly trying to be near her. It only takes a few conversations for them to fall in love, finding a way to be together is much harder. She has fun and makes friends, his friends rebuke him for wanting her. It gets a little unexpected at the end, but it a good story.
I received a copy of this book from Booksprout and am voluntarily reviewing it.


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