A Forthright Courtship by Fanny Finch

This is a romantic, sweet and engaging story. Edward is disillusioned, charming, kind and unpretentious. Maria is sweet, forgiving, determined and insecure. Her father asks that Edward and his sister, Georgiana, to host Maria for the season so that she may marry before he dies. The brother and sister throw themselves into helping her, and in turn helping themselves, become comfortable with her new life. Things don't go exactly how anyone planned, women are snarky and cruel to Maria, which makes Edward very protective of her. It seems to everyone else that Edward and Maria are courting, but they are oblivious. They have their ups and downs, mistakes are made by both, and when things come to a head, they both realize their feelings, and that it might be too late. It's a beautiful story of love and angst.


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