The Stowaway Heiress by Margaret Bennett

This is a romantic, engrossing and exciting story. Julian is a caring, chivalrous and irresistible man. Freddie is a strong, determined and vulnerable woman. Freddie flees when her guardian beats her for refusing to marry his son. She finds Julian in a pub and follows him aboard a ship. When he discovers her in his cabin, he sees the abuse and is instantly protective of her. Although he has an assignment that is imperative he does, he finds he can't just abandon her. So he takes her with him, then home, so that her guardian can't get to her. Along the way he realizes that he doesn't ever want to give her up. It's a captivating storyline with likable and interesting characters. This is a new author to me and I enjoyed her writing and look forward to more books by her.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from Goodreads. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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