Chronicles of A Duchess

The Lady and The Duke
This is dramatic and sort of sad. Poor Lydia, every time she thinks that maybe she found a man that she could marry, someone else comes along and takes him. But there's only one man she wants, and he's off limits. Edwin is a great guy in the beginning, he's kind, unpretentious and fun. Then his momma puts her foot down. So no matter how much he wants to marry Lydia, she won't let him. The mothers and aunt are cold and selfish, all of the men are sweet and charming.

The Duke of My Heart
This is an entertaining and amusing story. It's sweet, romantic and enjoyable. Iris is very shy, awkward and brave. Ewan is quiet, determined, charming and engaging. I love the storyline, but the writing could have been better. So it's worth adding to your TBR list, the storyline is that intriguing.

Annabelle Enchants The Rejected Earl
This is full of drama and angst. Annabelle is rebellious, independent and naive.
Floyd is ambitious and stubborn. The story is dramatic and intriguing​, but not exciting. Annabelle has more guts and bravery than Floyd. But she is the only character that has any spark. It definitely has some interesting characters in it.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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