The Unwilling Viscount and The Vixen by Shelley Munro

This is a gripping thriller that is full of intrigue, suspense and romance. Lucien was, as far as he new, just living his life. Until he was told that he is the missing heir to St. Clare. He doesn't believe it, but his wife talks him into going to find out the truth. On the way the are attacked, and his wife dies. Months later, he is living as George St. Clare, even though he's anything but convinced that that's who he is, when his father informs him that he is betrothed, and has been since he was a child, and that she's on her way to marry him. Lucien is still grieving for his wife and child, so he trues to discourage Rosalind from marrying him. But Rosalind sees him as her last hope for marriage, because everyone at home thinks that she's a witch because she can read minds. Rosalind is a fierce, caring and sweet woman. After they marry Lucien ignores her, he's not interested in having another wife or child. When strange things, like attempted murder on both of them, start to happen, Rosalind is determined to help Lucien find the perpetrator, even if it endangers her, which he can't help but admire. Things get more and more dangerous, and they both get more determined, her to help, him to keep her safe. It comes to a shocking conclusion that you don't see coming.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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