Burn For Me by R.A. Black

This is a gripping, suspenseful, steamy and sweet story. Unfortunately Thomas was the only character that I liked. He's gentle, caring, stubborn, protective and broken. Lori is a privileged college student who met the wrong guy and let him drag her down until he almost killed her. She's naive, easily led, especially by her judgmental and controlling parents, unpredictable and vulnerable. Thomas is the first responder that saves her life when her boyfriend mickey's her, and he has an intense reaction to her when he first sees her. Later he befriends her so that he knows she's okay. It progresses from there because she also responds strongly to him. Life for her after her close call with death only gets worse, her parents think it's a great idea to abandon her and withdraw all financial support, then have the nerve to say something about​ how she overcame it. Lori let's her parents fill her with doubts about everything. Luckily she has two best friends that help her through things. You can't help but feel for Thomas, even when he acts stupidly, because he's just responding to Lori's words and actions. So, the storyline is intriguing, there are just too many people messing with them.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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