Comeback by June Winters

I'm not a fan of the cover, the story is much more serious than the cover implies. I am a huge fan of Jack. He's sweet, caring, protective, protective and generous,   and great with kids. Emma is strong, determined, vulnerable and kind. When she ran from her ex, Emma went to her cousin's so that she, and her 4 y.o. daughter Mack, could start over. Emma was getting more frazzled and concerned every day, because Mack hadn't spoken to anyone but her since before they moved, and she was also suffering from severe separation anxiety. One night Emma gets home from work to find Mack crying, she had been crying all day, so she took her out to get dinner, and out of her cousin's hair. Jack was taking his usual trip around town in his roller blades and hockey stick when he sees Emma waiting in line at a food truck. Always up for a quick romp with a tourist he turns around and gets in line behind her planning to hit on her. Until he notices that she's not alone. When Mack notices Jack she points to him and says "look mommy, a hockey player". Emma is floored, Jack is smitten with her, and Emma. Emma gets embarrassed when Jack has to pay for her and Mack's food, but invites him to where she works so that she can buy him lunch. Back at home, Emma tells her cousin what happened, and Nicole filled her in on all the dirty gossip about him. But Emma doesn't care about that, she's not planning to date him, and he is the only person Mack will talk to. He's all in with Mack, playing with her and talking to her. The more she's around Jack, the more impressed she is with him. But he has secrets that he won't talk about, which causes trust issues, but Jack won't give up, because he's fallen for both Emma and Mack. He is so good with Mack, he's exactly what every single mom deserves in a man.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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