Coming For Caine by Peter Styles

This is a steamy, entertaining and dramatic. Caine is a motivational speaker, he created an upbeat, positive and happy persona at the beginning of his career. Now he's exhausted and frustrated by it. And he was overheard saying exactly that, which put his company ito a nosedive. Shelton is the younger son of very rich parents who wants to succeed on his own and is determined to find a way to do it. His bucket list arrangement business is almost a bust and he needs money to keep it going, or else move home​ and work for his father. So Shelton goes to The Club looking for a patron as a way to make money, and to satisfy his own personal kinks. Caine goes to The Club as a way to relieve some stress. They've met before, Caine is a college classmate of Shelton's older brother. When they recognize each other they talk for a while, but Caine leaves thinking that there can't be anything between then because of the age difference. Shelton has had a crush on Caine for years, and isn't willing to let this chance to be with him to passing him by. After a few dates they decide to sign a contract, but even that doesn't help the drama and hurt feelings between them. And working to help each other is taking all their time. Caine is hot and cold, sometimes unfeeling. Shelton is star struck, and a little needy. But they make a great team, business wise, and personally.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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