More Than A Rogue by Sophie Barnes

This is romantic, unpredictable and very entertaining. Lord Griffin is chivalrous, honorable and stubborn. Emily is feisty, honest and vulnerable. When Emily and Griffin first laid eyes on each other they were both left stunned and breathless, and ever since that day they have been sneaking looks at the other. But that's as far as it was going to go, because he lived in Vienna, and she was on the shelf. While visiting in London after being gone for 6 years, Emily decided that she wanted to experience a kiss. At the next ball she went out to the garden with a man, intending to get one kiss, then go back inside. Griffin watched the two go outside, and it became imperative that he follow them, even though he didn't know why. When he saw that Emily was about to be kissed, he got angry and ran the man off. Then he kissed Emily. When the kiss was over they found that they had an audience, her mother, sister and aunt. The aunt immediately says that they need to get married, so Griffin said that he would, but Emily refused, then ran off, headed back to the town she lived in. Shocked, Griffin took off after her, and when he caught up with her he accompanied her all the way to her home, and decided that he couldn't possibly leave her there alone. They end up flirting with each other, but whenever they got too close Emily hid away, she was in love with him and wouldn't marry a man who didn't love her as she did him. It's amusing to see them dance around each other, and more so watching Griffin fumble over his feelings denying that he's in love. And the more she resists, the harder he tries to get her to marry him. So funny to watch.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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