Undying Love by Betty Bolte

This is a dramatic story with a lot of angst. Max is arrogant, pushy and selfish. Meredith is heartbroken, lost and weak. Paulette is a first class b*tch. Meg buts in where she doesn't belong. Meredith discovers a mystery in her family that she wants to solve, then tear down her grandmother's house because it holds too many memories. Max thinks he can tell Meredith what she can and can't do with her house. Paulette thinks she has a say too, even though her grandmother left her completely out of the will. Poor Meredith just wants to be left alone. This is not a romantic love story, Max and Meredith never seem to be in love. And the twist at the end is tragic.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from Goodreads. This is my voluntary and honest opinion of it.


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