Hostile by Leila Haven

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This is an exciting page turner. Ariana is in Afghanistan to do stories on the people and what their life is like during war times. Derrick is a soldier assigned to take Ariana and some contractors out of Afghanistan to be sent home. Except Ariana doesn't want to go home and resists, but ends up leaving with Derrick anyway. Along the way they get separated from the rest of their party after almost being blown up. They have to find a way to other Americans for help and along the way they have some hot sex, and Ariana gets kidnapped. Derrick and his team go after her, and even though Derrick realizes that in a short time he has become attached to her. But he decides that when they find her, he is going to be a jerk so that she'll leave without a problem. Romance and suspense, some snarky comments and some real life scares make this a very good book.


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