Fugitive Bride by Adrianne Wood

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. He's a little gullible, she's a little feisty. When Annabelle runs away from an unwanted marriage her father hires the Pinkertons to find her and bring her back. When they catch up to her, she convinces them to let her go to San Francisco before she goes home. They send Kitt to escort her. When it's time for her to go home, Kitt again has to escort her, but to her grandfather. Things don't go as planned because Annabelle doesn't trust her grandfather not to turn her over to her crazy ex-fiancé, so she keeps running away from Kitt, when she's not thinking about kissing him. I love how they interact with each other, there's no real animosity, but there is some fun. This is a fun romantic adventure thriller comedy and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes any of these genres.


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