The Surrogate Husband by Wynter Daniels

This was a great read. A little romance, a little angst and a little comedy. Lucy needs a husband temporarily, because her mother told her great aunt, who they thought was dying, that she was finally married and settled. No big deal, until Aunt Bev comes to town. Lucy asks Dex, her CPA, if he'd be her husband for a family wedding, which turns into a weekend family reunion, which turns into Aunt Bev moving closer to the family. They need to come clean, but they are afraid for her health. So while they are "playing" husband and wife, they each start to have feelings for the other. But Dex doesn't like risk takers, which Lucy is, and Lucy doesn't like take control kind of guys, which she thinks Dex is. Can they keep pretending for Aunt Bev? Should they? Laugh, cry and find out.


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