The SEAL's Ward by Leslie North and Katie Knight

This is romantic, suspenseful and heartwarming. Jed is emotionally damaged, stubborn and caring. Tess is caring, sweet and unsure. Jed took custody of his friends child after both of her parents were killed, but he has no clue what he's doing, thus the need for a nanny/tutor. Tess is recovering from the loss of not only her fiancé, but also her confidence. Tess immediately forms a bond with Nala, and as much as Jed doesn't want to hire her he does, for Nala. Neither of them wants to acknowledge the spark between them, but it builds until it can't be ignored anymore. Danger is in the air, but Jed can't figure out where it's coming from or who it's meant for. The storyline is intriguing and interesting, capturing your attention from the start.
I received a copy of this book from Booksprout and am voluntarily reviewing it.


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