How To Save A Life by Sloan Parker

This is a gripping, suspenseful, romantic and funny story. Walter is a gruff, sexy and stubborn man who has closed himself off from life since losing his partner. Kevin is a bold, impulsive and klutzy man who has been deep in the closet ever since his first experience with a man. They meet at The Haven when they each begin looking into the disappearance of a man from the club, and they end up investigating it together. Kevin is so attracted to Walter, and gets so excited by him, that he forgets that he's in the closet every time Walter is near. He wants Walter, and he's determined to get him. Walter not only is not interested in any kind of relationship, he thinks Kevin is too young and too inexperienced to get involved with. Their investigation doesn't seem to go anywhere, but the tension between them gets more intense every day, until Walter finally snaps and tries to teach Kevin a lesson about being with men, and has the most hot and erotic experience he's ever had. And turns Kevin into a man determined to get what he wants from him. The suspense around The Haven builds and reveals more and more surprises. I absolutely love this authors books, they are well written with intriguing storylines and characters that almost feel like real people.


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