Waiting For The Laird by Willa Blair

This is a intriguing, romantic, thrilling and entertaining story. Ian is kind caring, unassuming and stubborn. Lara is strong, determined and tough. Lara's husband Angus dies not long after buying a scottish manor to refurbish. Not knowing why Angus wouldn't hire Ian to do the job, Lara hires him. In the beginning Ian just wanted to make sure the house was safe and done right, and hoping that he might find something that pointed to it being his ancestral home. But along the way he develops feelings for Lara, and her son and daughter. He keeps her in the dark about his connection to the place, thinking she'd fire him and he would never learn about his heritage. It take her a while to realize that he does have a tie to the house, but it takes him spelling it out for her to understand completely. By then they have found a few things that are truly fascinating. This is a page turner that belongs on everyone's TBR list.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from Hidden Gems. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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