Fabled Love Book 2 by Amanda Mariel

Enchanted By The Earl
This is sweet, romantic and full of drama. Hunter is bold, stubborn, chivalrous and caring. Rose is sweet, kind and determined. When Hunter interrupts Rose being threatened by her supposed betrothed, he feels he must help her. Though they both know that there can be nothing between them, they're each feeling a strong attraction to the other. Trouble turns up at every corner and throws them together, leading to a race for Rose's life.
Captivated By The Captain
This is entertaining and amusing. Jasper is kind, caring, generous and untrusting. Prudence is spoiled, demanding and bold. After Jasper rescues her from a pirate ship, he finds himself drawn to her, but not trusting her. As for Prudence, she is unsure about why she has feelings for a pirate, but learns that not only is he a trustworthy and honest man, he's a gentleman. The harder she tries to get close to him, the further away from her he keeps himself. I really didn't like her in the beginning, but as she lost her attitude, she grew on me.
Enticed By Lady Elianna
This is interesting and romantic. Garrett is charming, determined, inquisitive and a flirt. Elianna is sweet, kind and vulnerable. When her cousin inherits he gives Elianna the choice of becoming the family's servant or being sent to a convent, not wanting to leave her home, she chooses servant. While in London she meets Garrett, who realizes that there's a mystery to be solved pertaining to her identity, so he accepts her charges invite to her house party. She evades his attention, until he requests a dance at the upcoming ball, and she decides that for one night she will the lady she was born. Of course things don't go the way she thought they would, but in the end, everyone gets exactly what they deserve.
Delighted By The Earl
This is a sweet, romantic and engaging story. Aaron is kind, considerate, caring and unassuming. Emma is sweet, caring and brave. When Emma finds herself being forced to marry to settle her uncle's debts, she escapes at the last minute by hiding in a carriage and ends up at Aaron's estate. When they discover that his daughter has run off the governess, Emma asks for the job. Aaron's daughter immediately latched on to Emma, and he falls in love with her gentleness and kindness. Emma also finds herself attracted to his kindness and caring.


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