Return To Love by F.P. Fontaine

This is a good story that is full of drama. Jake is kind and generous, but he's also unemotional and oblivious. Melody is selfish, unfeeling and dumb. They dated for a while, then Jake decided to move to California with his brother to start his own company just after Melody found out that she was pregnant. She chose to not tell him because she didn't want to hold him back, and didn't want them to marry only because she was pregnant. So she married someone else and never told anyone that her husband wasn't her son's father. After a couple of years they divorced, and they never saw him again. He never visited or paid any support. Then Jake came back to town. It had been 7 years since they had been together, and Jake never thought that to question if her 6 year old son was his. When her house gets flooded Jake offers to let them stay with him, which she accepts, but is uncomfortable with, because she doesn't plan to ever tell Jake that he is a dad. She starts to think that they might get together again, but he keeps telling people that they're just friends. Their situation just gets more complicated, but they do not get any smarter. So, good storyline, but unlikable characters.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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