Married To The Rake by Samantha Holt

This is an entertaining, romantic and dramatic story. The Waverleys and Larkins have fueding for centuries, even though no one remembers what started it. The current generation, being Brook Waverley and Chloe Larkins, want to end the feud. The current gripe is about a parcel of land at the edge of the estates, and both sides move the dividing fence to where they want it, then the other side has it moved to where they want it. It's a constant battle that both fathers want fixed their way as soon as it's discovered. Brook and Chloe begin meeting to try to figure out a way to end the feud, and start to fall in love. The problem is Chloe is positive that someone as good looking and charming as Brook could never be interested in plain, wallflower her. And Brook not only isn't looking to marry, he doesn't like Chloe. For Chloe the feeling is mutual. The harder they try to fix things, the worse they get. Brook and Chloe are amusing and stubborn, and very likable, and I enjoyed reading their story.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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